Lecture Method As The Most Popular Learning Method

In the author’s opinion, the most popular teaching method is the lecture method. This method is most widely used, and it is almost certain that every teacher has used, or has always used this method.

The lecture method is very appropriate to be used to explain important concepts, teach classes with poor facilities, teach large classes, and so on.

The lecture method is classified as the easiest. The teacher only talks, or explains the subject matter, students listen to the teacher’s explanation, respond, or answer the teacher’s questions as variations.

In essence: the teacher presents the subject matter to students in the form of a lecture (speaking).

However, compared to other methods such as discussion or demonstrations, the lecture method is considered the least effective. This happens because only teachers are actively speaking, teachers are masters of learning activities, while students are only passive listeners.

As a result, students cannot achieve optimal learning outcomes.

Teachers Must Be Creative In Choosing Learning Methods

Each method has its own peculiarities, and each has both advantages and disadvantages. There is no one best or worst method for all kinds of learning.

The choice and use of methods by the teacher must be adjusted to the material to be delivered, the circumstances of the students who are taking lessons, and the teacher’s ability to present learning.

So, teachers must be smart and creative in choosing methods for effective learning.

Tip: Better to use mixed methods in learning, not just one kind of method. Use these methods in a variety of ways so that students do not get bored, as well as meet the needs of student learning dominance.


by Abdullah Sam
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