Online Business That Is Suitable For Teachers

Continuing the previous article about online business for teachers , here are some activities or types of online businesses that are suitable for teachers.

That is, the online business is easier for teachers to do because it is supported by the teacher’s own abilities, does not conflict with the task of developing himself, and remains on the path of his profession.

What types of online businesses are suitable for teachers? Let’s continue reading!


For teachers who like to write or like to share information, blogging is the perfect format for doing business online. Blogging only requires a small amount of capital to create a website, namely for domain rental and hosting.

Although there are free platforms for blogging activities (for example or, we advise teachers who will make blogging as a means of doing business using a self-managed domain by subscribing to a hosting lease.

There are special advantages for those of you who do business online using a domain name with self-hosting compared to using a free platform. For this, please read this article: “The Importance of Having Your Own Hosting Domain.”

The method is also very easy. If you already have your own domain name and hosting (by renting from a provider), install wordpress, and write articles to be published.

If one day you can post one article, then in one semester you will already have 180 articles published. In line with that, visitors will come to your website. You just have to put an ad on your website.

The easiest way is with Google AdSense. The more visitors to your website, the more likely ads on your website are CLICKED, and you will get income from it.

You can also join affiliate programs and monetize your website with advertisements from the affiliate programs that you participate in. If people buy the product through your link, you will get a commission on the sale.

The teacher actually has many things to tell the public. Matters related to professional duties, teaching experience, for example, are very valuable to others, both for fellow teachers and for parents.

By writing experiences through blogging activities, more and more people will benefit. More than that, if practiced this activity can provide additional income for teachers.

Build a Channel on YouTube

If you like being in front of the camera, or like to talk to other people, then video and upload it on YouTube. If you already have enough subscribers, and you also have quite a few videos, put AdSense on there too.

The more and the longer the length of time your video is watched, the more likely you are to get paid from Google.

So, your job is to produce lots of quality videos and upload them ( upload ) on YouTube. If you can create and post one video in one day, then within one semester your number of videos will reach 180 videos.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing (affiliate marketing) works like this. You market other people’s products on your website (this could be by making product reviews, posting articles about products, or even just placing advertisements or banners about affiliate products on your website).

If people buy products through your affiliate link, you will earn a commission on the sale. You don’t need to handle the transaction process or shipping the goods. You just market.

All transactions until delivery of goods are carried out by the seller himself.

Products offered through this affiliate program can be digital products (no delivery process, only through download links) or physical products (in the form of goods and require delivery).

In fact there are still some online businesses that are suitable for teachers. For example: opening classes or courses or online tutoring, creating applications or software, or opening an online store.

But this requires a longer preparation time so we don’t offer it. The three above are enough!

Online business has many advantages including: little capital, wide market share, done on the side or as a main business.

Teachers can run an online business that does not conflict with their profession, even develop together with their professional duties, with tantalizing results.


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