Learn how to make up

Learn how to put on makeup . Book that allows to present the appropriate makeup for each woman regardless of age. Prepared by the author Marelis Proenza Brown in 2017 and published by Editorial Oriente. Book that clarifies concepts about skin care and conservation, and introduces readers to the wide range of knowledge about cosmetology.


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    • 1 Literary argument
  • 2 Topics covered
  • 3 Data of the author
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In this book you will find not only a description of the methods and modes that are best for each woman according to their face and other characteristics, but a compendium of always useful tips to look better.

Literary argument

Compendium of helpful beauty tips that addresses the mysteries of the skin, explains the functions of makeup, clarifies concepts about skin care and preservation, and introduces readers to the wide range of knowledge about cosmetology.

Keratin , hair surgery , cold wax, botox , discoloration, pedicure, manicure, facial cleaning, cuts, washing and conditioning of hair, are some services offered in Styles, where they did pre-professional practice and graduated more than 200 students from the trade school and the special Battle of Jobito campus.

Topics covered

  • Historical review of Cosmetology

Egypt : a refined beauty
Centuries XVII and XVIII
Century XIX
Century XX

  • The makeup

Skin preparation
Eyebrow waxing Essential
products for a good makeup
The base
Blush or blush
Eye makeup

  • Professional makeup

Why does the woman put on makeup?
Show off beautiful eyebrows
Eyebrows for different face types
Bridal makeup
Steps to achieve bridal makeup
Makeup for black and white photographs

  • Eyes make up

Smoky eyes
eyes green
makeup green eyes contrast
eyes Sexy
big eyes set
eyes drooping
eyes small
eyes spaced
eyes black
makeup for women with glasses
How to hide dark circles?
Party makeup

  • The skin

Clean your skin
Facial massage
Exfoliate skin
Facial makeup for faces with acne
Facial makeup for African American skin tones

  • Natural makeup

Natural evening
makeup Makeup for women 50 and over

  • Hair removal


  • The ones

Nail anatomy Nail
Cosmetic allergies Nail
biting Nail
Hand difficulties Hand
Rough hands
Some tips for nail care

  • Mouth
  • The hair

Most common problems affecting hair
Dryness Oily
Lack of shine

  • Helpful tips
  • Homemade beauty recipes

Hunting formulas to wash hair
Oily hair
Natural treatments for hair loss Natural treatments for skin care

Data of the author

Marelis Proenza Brown . ( Guantanamo , 1959 ). Bachelor of Economics. Hairdresser with more than 20 years of experience. He has published the art of hairdressing (Editorial Oriente, 2013 ) and Homemade beauty recipes (El mar y la Montaña, Guantánamo, 2016 ). His article “Self-employed contributions to local development, based on knowledge to create capacities and competition”, appears in the interactive multimedia Memorias Tecnogest 2015 . She is an active promoter of beauty topics on radio and television. He teaches courses at the House of Orientation for Women and Family in his province.


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