How to be a leader with Christian thoughts?

The Church needs a Christian who is a leader and faithful to the Word of God

How much need in our parishes, movements and leadership pastorals! When I question why, the answers are varied, but they have points in common. One is that there are no prepared people, it may be true, but this will only be resolved if the current leader has an open mind to discover talents where not even the person knows they exist. Jesus, choosing the 12 apostles , awakened in them, first, love and then shepherding.

In the Bible we read that God does not call the skilled, but enables the chosen. Jesus works on the apostles in their minds, because they were what they thought about the world, religion and people. It works on their mentality, knowing that this is where the battles begin, making a metanoia in the thoughts. With that, you get them to act differently and creatively.

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The leader needs to have new ideas

Like the apostle Paul when he went to evangelize the pagans, he understood the way they thought to establish Christian thinking in their minds. Jesus revolutionized small and large communities; using daily situations, he detected problems and intelligently exhorted friends and enemies.

In the face of the adulterous woman, Jesus requests that the first stone be thrown by those who have not sinned, this makes people rethink the law and how to use it, but above all, it forces everyone to look at themselves. With this, he shows a photographic mind, which records each one, because the leader needs to develop the capacity to know and lead people to see their qualities and limits, so that they have an open mind to knowledge and the flexibility to always transform what necessary, with Christian values ​​as a reliable compass in guiding what, when and how to change. The leader very much needs to introject the Word of God in his mind, because, in the moments of decision, his Christian thought is what will guide his actions.

Evangelize and serve God

Jesus taught, by example, that the leader must have a servant mind. This was a great battle, because the apostles saw Him as a king according to the worldview and, among themselves, disputed the first places. The Master did not give up on His disciples, because he wanted not only to transform their mentality, but also, the heart of each one.

He showed that he needed prayers to fulfill the Father’s will. His spiritual leadership was paramount so that, after a while, the apostles could retrieve memories that guided the rest of their lives, turning simple fishermen into great leaders, who carried the message. with strength and courage. They learned to glorify and to trust that God cares for theirs and to keep promises. They began to remember that they should love friends and enemies, forgiving them for evils and freeing them from negative feelings, such as fear and revenge.

Seeking to have a joyful soul in the Lord, this brings hope and new life in the face of problems, the walls are not insurmountable, because the mind instructed and encouraged by the Word knows that, in the end, victory is certain. It is learned that nobody builds a house without first planning well, but many never start, as they are always waiting for the ideal situation. And, faith teaches us that we need to set foot so that the Lord can set the ground. Feeding daily on intimacy with God develops an optimistic, reliable and tireless mind that leads people to want to transform people and situations around them, like Paulo, who saw the need to complete the race.

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Characteristics of the Christian leader

A characteristic of a leader’s mind is articulation towards the ability to understand that he needs others to achieve victory; which cannot be confused with manipulating people. Taking others requires the leader to be resolute, organized and efficient, so as not to be deviated from the proposed goals. Recalling that, lazy people cannot lead, because they need to be able to be educators who question themselves and others, who analyze the contents that are presented to them, who seek answers to transform the mentality of their followers from Christian values.

God-inspired leadership teaches us not to be lukewarm people

God-inspired leadership teaches us not to be lukewarm people, but to be zealous, fervent, moved internally by the power of the Spirit. And, also, docile; so that individual temperaments can be mastered in ways that balance their emotions. This self-control teaches that man cannot be dominated by passions, but that his mind and body must be subjected so that they do not interfere with God’s plans for his life.

Of course, this domain is not easy to acquire, it takes time. So, the leader needs to develop resistance to the criticism of his followers, to the tiredness of the journey and to the daily weather. For that, you need to have a mind with correct theological knowledge, eyes turned to the future, ears open to the voice of God, a humble heart, open arms to receive others, stomach to digest the difficulties and feet pressed against God so as not to lose on the walk.

When reading this text do not be discouraged, because it comes to mind that there are many qualities necessary for a leader, he does not need to have excellence in all of them, just as a conductor does not play all instruments. In the meantime, he studies the score, trains each song individually and coordinates the moment of entry of each instrument with the baton. People who guide life in Christ, seek to understand how His mind worked, adhere to life the mission of salvation of people and turn thoughts into action, will surely receive the strength from above, which will complete everything that is lacking in life. their humanity.


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