How do I identify if I am a narcissistic person?

What is a narcissistic person?

Before I know if I am, it is necessary to know what a narcissistic person is. In general, it is a concept of psychoanalytic basis, presented by Freud. According to DSM-V, it is “A diffuse pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior ), with the need for admiration and lack of empathy, which appears in early adulthood and is present in several contexts”. This concept defines people who have strong admiration and an exaggerated passion for their own image.

The narcissistic name comes from Narcissus, a character from Greek mythology who for having rejected the love of Nymph, daughter of Zeus, was condemned to fall in love with his own image. So, when he saw his image reflected in the water, he went to
her and drowned. Later, it was transformed into a flower, the daffodil flower.

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Every human being goes through the phase of narcissism, selfishness and self-centeredness as a child . It’s natural! However, you go through that phase and you don’t stay there! As the life cycle continues, our narcissistic being
does not end, it decreases in us. But, what we have seen in the current world are many who have been “paralyzed” in this narcissistic stage, that is, they live in great love with their own self.

So let’s look at some characteristics that can be seen in a narcissist:

1) Do I have a great feeling of my importance? For example, he exaggerates his achievements, gifts and talents, valuing more than he should and he expects such recognition from others as well.

2) Do I worry about how to achieve or sustain success, thinking about power, brightness or beauty?

3) Do you believe that you are a very important, unique person who, therefore, needs to be linked to important institutions or companies that have high financial conditions ?

4) Do you believe that you need to be admired, valued, constantly recognized?

5) Do you feel you need to have different rights, as a way of being treated, building an expectation that does not match your reality?

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6) Do you explore your interpersonal relationships, taking advantage of other people for your own benefit?

7) Do you have difficulty putting yourself in the other’s shoes? Do you recognize each other’s feelings and real needs? Or do you believe yours are always bigger?

8) Do you believe that others always envy you for the condition you live in, for the beauty … And, sometimes, do you envy the other?

9) Do you realize that, at times, you show arrogant behavior or attitude?

So, do you have a narcissist profile?

According to the DSM-V diagnostic criteria, if you answered yes to at least five of these nine questions, you probably have a narcissistic personality. When it comes to personality structure, it is
important to seek psychological counseling . Although, if you find yourself in that profile, you probably think you don’t need help. However, there are cases of people who have traits of this personality and do not have the narcissistic personality installed, however, they are on the edge to develop it.

Finally, it is important to note that those who meet these criteria are unlikely to recognize that they are or will have difficulty doing so. But, a way to see if your behavior is that of a narcissist, just stop looking at you for a few minutes and observe how people have related to you and what they have said about your behavior.


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