How to get rid of procrastination and get organized?

Is procrastination a disease?

Do you know that famous habit of always leaving to do things later, and, at the last minute, running over everything that lies ahead to carry out the tasks? Yes, it has a name: “procrastination”, and it is a “ disease ” that has reached more people than we think. Motivated for one reason or another, many people have chosen to leave it for later, and as every effect has its cause, the result of this is the increase in stress, which makes everyone accelerated and anxious, running from side to side without knowing Where you go.

The definition of procrastinating itself is not so bad: it is choosing to do it tomorrow and not now. The problem is that tomorrow is that place that nobody knows or is sure if it exists. And in any case, if it exists, it will be so overwhelmed with things that have not been done today that it may not have time to live it; so, “leaving it for tomorrow”, in this context, is definitely not a good idea.

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For my part, I believe that procrastination goes far beyond a random choice that we make motivated by tiredness. I think it is part of the spiritual struggle that we fight every day without even realizing it. The Word of God teaches us, in ecclesiastical 3, that “there is nothing better for man than to live each thing well in due time”, that is, to live discipline. On the other hand, the enemy of God, subtly suggests to postpone the inspirations we have, such as life changes for example. Although he is not recognized by the Church for lack of historical data, Santo Expedito popularly speaking, he is a model of those who lived this spiritual struggle and won procrastination by an attitude of faith .

According to tradition, he was a Roman military man, commander of the legion charged with protecting the empire from invasions by the eastern barbarians. Expedito was a Christian, like most of his subordinates, but before he became a Christian, he would have been reluctant and postponed his conversion with many excuses. The devil was tempting him to resist, and in the form of a crow, he was inspiring him to repeat “Cras! Cras! ” which in Latin means “tomorrow”.

Until one day, Expedito, touched by the grace of God, would have decidedly stepped on the crow’s head and replied with “Hodie!”, Which means “today”, thus assuming the willingness to convert immediately and live radical faith, even reaching the heroic act of martyrdom. True or not, the truth is that whoever really wants to give victory to divine inspirations cannot leave it until tomorrow, it is in the “hodie” that God manifests himself. Given this, I leave five tips to fight procrastination and have a harmonious life:

1- Prioritize what is worth

Certainly, you’ve heard that life is all about choices, and that’s it! What we choose to plant, sooner or later, is exactly what we are going to harvest. So, how about planting attitudes to reap results? If your goal is to study for the exam, for example, removing distractions should be your attitude. If the internet is the problem, turning off your wifi is the solution. Set a deadline to complete a certain task and prioritize going ahead until you finish it before starting another. Such attitudes will make you a winner.

2- Don’t make small concessions

Generally, the first decisions we make on the day influence all the other decisions we will make, so when the alarm goes off, get up. Do not be tempted to take a nap, as it will not end your sleep, and on the other hand, it will delay you, causing a “ripple effect” throughout your day.

3- Take concrete steps

An excellent idea that is not put into practice is just an idea. That is why more important than creating a task list is to do something concrete. Let’s say you want to run a marathon and have it all planned out, but if you don’t have the courage to take the first step, the marathon will never get off the ground.

4- Start with what you have

Do not expect everything to be ready to start acting, because it is unlikely to happen. Remember that you can improve as you progress through the project. So, decrease your degree of self-demand and start doing what is possible now, in the next moment do the same; and so, taking one step after another, move on without stopping.

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5- Have clear goals and fight for them

Being clear about what we really want is essential for those who want to overcome procrastination. There is a popular proverb that says: “For a boatman who does not know where the wind is going, it is favorable”. So try to define what you want as a priority and channel your efforts into it. Don’t be “shooting all over the place”, it will only tire you and will not get you anywhere.

In any case, be patient with yourself and never stop fighting. Remember that you are not alone, somehow we are all procrastinators, some more others less, but we are in the same boat and we must row together to win. I believe that discipline united to the grace of God is the way to victory against procrastination and many other evils, because whoever lives the faith in an orderly manner, knows how to prioritize what is good at all times and does not give up after the fall.

However, if the problem is the lack of discipline, we turn to God asking for this wonderful grace right now, because it is in the present moment that He reveals himself and wants to free us from all evil , including procrastination, granting us a harmonious, full life. and happy, because that is exactly what He dreamed for us!



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