Beginning and end: let us learn the wisdom of cycles

Knowing how to recognize cycles is essential

The wisdom of cycles teaches, with simplicity, that life is configured from links that open and close. It is important to know the right time to start a cycle or close it. Mismanaging life cycles results in losses. You pay dearly for the lack of wisdom in managing different phases. It is, of course, a
challenging existential process. For lack of this wisdom, one stumbles in the choices. And, life is about choices.

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Much is lost with the incompetence to conduct processes. The results are overruns and mismatches, thus generating losses. The opportunity for gains that could lead individuals and society to achieve important goals is wasted. This incompetence in governing processes derives, in part, from the disconnection syndrome : the person is unaware of his place and the relevance of his participation in institutional environments, different segments or even in the broader context of society.

Opinions are disconnected, individuals think they are the “owners” of the truth – pure illusion. This syndrome leads to a loss of the ability to discern and interpret reality. Consequently, everything is mixed, without adequate reading of the socio-political, cultural, religious scenarios , among many others. You lose track of life cycles. Knowing how to
recognize them is essential to identify and manage the many stages, from the beginning, the development of the processes, until the moment of their conclusion.

The different cycles of life invariably come to an end

Only in this way can we achieve achievements, because life, in its complexity, is much more than a set of mathematical data. It requires wisdom in articulating the many variables that define each cycle, producing advances and finding answers, recovering meanings and rehabilitating values. The wisdom of cycles in the composition of personal, family, religious and political life is a civilizing reference in the fabric of a society, in its social and political practices.

The inevitable experience of death reveals a truth: the different cycles of life invariably come to an end. Therefore, there is an urgent need to manage them well, since death – the end of a cycle – cannot mean failure. Instead, it must represent the passage to a new stage. The Master teaches: death is the way to a life that does not pass, whose guarantee comes from the One who died and rose, Jesus Christ , the only Lord and Savior. In the death of Jesus, human death, an experience under the sign of sin, becomes access to life. God remains faithful in resurrecting Jesus to a new life.

Identified with the death of Christ, human death becomes the paschal sacrament of the passage from this world to the Father. Death thus closes a cycle, the time that is given to each person, as a gift from God. In the context of this decisive outcome, the importance of managing the various cycles of existence with quality is understood.
It is essential to qualify, humanly and spiritually, to govern the different processes of life, in an appropriate way.

Let us be learners of the wisdom of cycles

The wisdom to live cycles also counts a lot in the configuration or recomposition of the social and political fabric of a society. The 2018 elections , with their peculiarities and many challenges, meant the closing of a political moment. Now, in the first steps of a new stage, the participation of citizens, institutions and different segments of society is even more fundamental.

On the horizon, there is a demand for deep reformulation, the replacement of dynamics, the adoption of modern techniques for effective responses. A time to rethink and redefine Brazilian society. Do not lack lucidity for the mea-culpa that is necessary, nor the openness for dialogue , in order to overcome intolerances. That way, the value of democracy will not be lost.

Each person and different institutions will be united to overcome destructive polarizations and accusations. The many differences will not be obstacles to progress, since the strength of unity and communion will prevail, allowing the people to recognize themselves as belonging to the same country. Advances and corrections, achievements and new answers will be possible if everyone is an apprentice of the wisdom of cycles.


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