Lace curtains

Lace curtains , are lace interior window covers. Feminine and romantic, lace has been a popular material for centuries. Because it’s thin, light, and airy, it gives a room a light look and provides privacy without blocking light. Exquisitely detailed lace adds formality and luxury to a room, while plain cotton or Battenburg lace are charming and casual

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  • 3 The best areas to use lace curtains
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Lace curtains sizes

Lace curtains come in various widths and lengths: short, long, narrow, and wide. If you are looking and can’t find the right window size, you can call a decorator and make custom made lace curtains. Hang the lace straight, ruffle-free, through a small window for a casual look, or lace curtains at least twice as wide as the windows and generously tuck them into the curtain pole for a luxurious look.

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Lace curtain styles

The machines today can produce lace economic in sizes and quantities large enough to fit any style of curtain. If you want real privacy, not to mention the luxury of layered curtains, use straight lace panels behind heavier fabric curtains instead of sheer curtains. Austrian blinds are hung and gathered with a rather elegant look when they are lace. The lace can be hung in a semicircle for a formal style to be placed as charming top panels for a rustic style. These are just some examples. Your imagination is the limit.

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The best areas to use lace curtains

Lace curtains have a decidedly feminine romantic style and look best when used in a formal, rustic, or country house setting. For example, plush curtains of shirred lace beautiful look when they are layered under formal silk curtains, while a small bathroom window is lovely when covered with a single lace panel Battenburg cotton. Think a little about the sunlight coming through the windows, as the sun shining through the lace makes all kinds of interesting and beautiful shadows in your room .


Care of lace curtains

Although not all lace curtains are white, many are. The white tends to look dirty and dingy over time, and the spots are seen in the more prominent white. The good news is that because today’s lace curtains are often made of polyester or polyester and cotton , and are easily machine or hand washable. Hang them out to dry and they are ready to hang on your window again


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