La Peral cheese

La Peral cheese. La Peral cheese is a type of cheese that is made in the Principality of Asturias , Spain . It is a cheese that bears a certain resemblance to French Roquefort . Blue cheese that comes from the use of whole cow’s milk , later pasteurized and mixed with sheep’s butter .


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It is made with cow’s milk , to which sometimes sheep’s cream is added, with the purpose of reinforcing the aroma and flavor in maturation. It is made all year round, mainly in spring and summer .


  • Cheese without rind, creamy and yellowish white. • The interior is firm but not compact, with cracks and cavities where molddevelops. • The non-veined part is yellowish white, somewhat unctuous, but with a grainy texture. • The format is cylindrical and is presented wrapped in metallic paper. • The weight ranges around 2 kilos, but it is also made from 1 and 3 kilos. • The flavor is very pleasant and not too strong for this type of cheese, slightly acidic and salty, without excess and very buttery. • It is an excellent cheese to eat spread on toast.

Production area

It is made in a small cheese factory in the town of San Jorge de la Peral , in the Council of Illas .


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