Cheese of the Alpujarras

Alpujarras cheese . This cheese is made fresh or matured and is classified as fatty or extra fatty. The matured cheese has a low cylindrical shape . On the upper and lower faces it is usually engraved with floral motifs and on the sides the mark of the pleita, engraved by the traditional esparto girdle . The cheese is sold in pieces of between half and one kg if it is fresh, and up to 2 kg in its cured version.


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This is a cheese with a strong flavor, with a lactic base , slightly salty and somewhat spicy. It is buttery on the palate, due to the high level of fat in the milk used. The flavor may vary slightly depending on the time of year. Fresh cheese is slightly sweeter and milder. It is not recommended that this cheese be eaten after 9 months due to the degradation of fats and the release of free fatty acids such as caproic , giving rise to a rancid taste .


The curing has a firm and non-elastic texture, characteristic of the way this type of cheese is made and there are often some gaps unevenly distributed throughout the cheeses. The color is white-ivory matt. The fresh cheese is smooth and bright white.


The bark is normally natural, clean and straw yellow in color. It can be smeared with olive oil . After maturation, the bark may turn dark brown, possibly with slightly green spots caused by molds growing on the surface. Fresh cheese has no rind.


It is recommended to eat it accompanied by white wine from Jumilla or Cariñena , and also pairs well with Amontillado and fine sherry . It can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes and it is also pleasant to eat with dried fruits and nuts . Fresh cheese is commonly eaten sliced ​​and grilled as a starter.


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