It is difficult to find someone who does not know the story of Beauty and the Beast and it is that Disney has made a great effort to make us known from multiple and variant origins. In 1991 he premiered La Bella y la Béstia in an animated format (probably the version we know best) that received an Oscar nomination and although he did not get it for a better film if he obtained it for best song and soundtrack.

26 years later, he surprises us with his flesh and blood version starring Emma Watson with a very good reception from the public.

However, like many films of the American producer, its argument is based on some tales of past centuries. Let’s take a look at the two best known versions of the story of Beauty and the Beast and that differentiates one version from the other.


Madame de Villeneuve’s version

In Villeneuve’s version, Bella is the daughter of a fairy and a King. An evil fairy tries to kill Bella and her mother to get the throne. Bella’s aunt finds out about her plan so she decides to hide her by posing as the daughter of a merchant.

On the other hand, the Prince (Beast) is an orphan and is in the care of the evil fairy, who one day tries to seduce him and due to the Prince’s rejection of her he transforms him into a Beast.

Villeneuve’s story centers on the family background of both characters, Beauty and Beast. It is also a critique of society at that time in which women were forced to marry for convenience.

Beaumont Version

The Beaumont version is an adaptation of the Villeneuve version, and omits all the family background of the first version and adds a moral “love is inside.” This version is the one we know and the one embodied in Disney movies. The main difference is in the origin of the protagonists; Bella is the daughter of a merchant and the prince (Beast) is cursed by a sorceress because of her arrogant attitude and just looking at appearances. Also at the end of this story they both end up getting married.

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