How to know if a man doesn’t love you anymore

How to know if a man doesn’t love you anymore


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Simple question, even simpler answer: when he doesn’t care. “What? As well?”. Men are already more detached and distracted by nature. And it is scientifically proven that they cannot be multi-function like us. In other words: he either listens to what you say or he drives. He can’t do both.

Fact is, when a man falls in love

He will be that person who will put you on top of a pedestal and be more faithful than Sancho Pancha. It will do all your will and listen to your problems. Until he gets what he wants. If after a while you finally gave him what he wanted and saw that the dedication, respect and affection continued, voi là! He loves you. But, what if things don’t go as planned?

When that furor that passion brings is over, either the relationship ends or the two realize that they love each other and move on. To make sure a man doesn’t love you, just pay attention to his attitudes.

Things like:

  • Don’t mind knowing about you;
  • Not wanting to talk to you (whether by phone, msn, sms, skype)
  • Not wanting to see you and going out with you (and prefer friends, for example)
  • Imply with everything you say …

Well, there’s no way. Not only does he not love you, he also does not respect you. And it hurts too much.

Women indulge in love easier than men

You can’t really explain what happens, so we pretend to accept it. Hence that old advice from a mother, aunt, grandmother and friend: “go slow”. And that makes perfect sense. The fall may be less.

So, before plunging into a passion and going deeper than the Titanic, control your anxiety and try to figure out what the guy is really up to. Be honest with him and ask him to do the same. In such cases, opening the game and chatting is always the best option.

If he still acts like he’s not there for nothing

Stop investing in something that will not turn into anything. And don’t let that affect your self-esteem. We have the habit of thinking that when men don’t act as planned, it’s all our fault.

And it is not so. He just didn’t want a serious relationship, or he could be an idiot. It’s that thing: feel happy and make yourself happy. Don’t expect men to bring you happiness and that will solve half of your problems, here’s the tip.

by Abdullah Sam
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