When you fall in love with your friend’s ex

Do you know those ethical codes that we need to follow to live in society? I believe that every relationship has this, and not only the loving ones. Relationships with family and friends also have.

One of these is about you not getting involved with your boyfriends , ex-boyfriends , dating , and that should be followed for the sake of your friendship.

No matter who broke up, if she suffered or cheated on you, you shouldn’t, under any circumstances, be with the guy.

As passion is something that sometimes we cannot avoid, no one is really free to go through this situation at some point in their life, in which case it is worth weighing what matters most in your life: your friend or her ex. .

You can argue that she allowed the two of you to get involved, said that there was no problem and just wanted your happiness. This may indeed be true, but any woman in this world will eventually have a sense of ownership over her ex and gradually she will walk away from you.

She can also walk away because she doesn’t want to see them together or because, deep down, she still feels something for him.

Imagine if you end the relationship and you are without a boyfriend and friend? Especially if you are a longtime friend or who spent important moments of life with you.

Of course, the relationship can work out very well and you two even get married one day. But who can predict? In addition, there are many interesting men in the world and you are sure to find one that makes you feel the same way you feel about your friend’s ex and, best of all, you don’t have to be upset with her.


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