I fell in love with my boss, what should I do?

Nothing, absolutely nothing but enjoying this passion and trying to find out if he is also in love with you . After all, before being your boss, he is a man like so many others you encounter in your daily life.

The only problem there is that of knowing how to behave in the face of this situation that requires a lot of care.

Are they:

Avoid looking at it (inside the work environment, obviously) with a landscape look, swallowing the citizen with your eyes. This may even embarrass him if he is not yet aware of his feelings. If you know and are matched, you will give a lot of flag and will even be the subject of comments within the work environment .

Be as discreet as possible; preferably, avoid even talking to him at certain times. Do it only if the situation requires it, but always policing yourself. Walls have ears and eyes.

At the end of the day, if he still doesn’t know your interest, try, (always in disguise) to give yourself a chance, like simulating a forgetfulness and returning to the room just to see him again and make him notice your presence. This will not go unnoticed, for sure he will ask something.

A purposeful bump in the corridor or elevator is also not inelegant and will force a situation. Go enjoying the facts.

If he happens to notice and come to talk to you, he is a little disconcerted but happy: many men like women who are shy and behaved. Wait to see his reaction to the fact and, if it is in your favor, invest it once and for all, take interest.

Now, if as the days go by and your behavior changes towards him, you don’t see any difference in your favor, try changing your tactics or even your passion. It is a sign that he does not even see her as a woman, or sees himself, does not have the same interest as himself and then the best thing to do is to take the team out of the field and go to another one.

However, if he notices and comes to talk to you, be a little disconcerted but happy: many men like women who are shy and behaved.

We know that we don’t always get along in love life , but we can never stop trying.

by Abdullah Sam
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