Do you know how to dry clothes without a headache?

Those who live in apartments know how difficult it is to wash and, above all, dry their clothes before they smell. The tendency to live in apartments, whether for security or practicality, increases every day. This also increases the number of people who live daily with the difficulty of taking care of their clothes. This is because the apartments, in most cases, have little space to properly extend the clothes, which ends up making it difficult to dry the pieces.

With that in mind, we have created a guide with tips on how to dry clothes in apartments more easily. We hope it can help you solve this problem! Check out!

1) Clothesline location

When installing your clothesline, check which is the best place for it. See which area of ​​your apartment receives the most sunlight and also which is the most ventilated. The best option for installing the clotheslines is close to the windows, which allow the sun to enter and also allow more air to pass, speeding up the drying process of your clothes a little.

2) Wash every other day

One of the great dilemmas of those who live in an apartment is the lack of space to extend all their clothes at once. To make it easier, wash your clothes every other day, so you won’t have to accumulate many pieces on just one clothesline. The more space for each piece, the faster it will dry. Select the ones that have washing priority and start with them. Once they are dry, or almost dry, you can start another shipment.

3) Invest in accessories to facilitate drying clothes in an apartment

The big problem is usually the lack of space. To improve this, buy some accessories that will help you save time. One option is the floor clothesline, which can be placed under the wall clothesline. Another way to save space is to use hangers to extend the pieces, instead of preachers. On the same clothesline, you can put many more pieces on the hanger than with a fastener. In addition, drying on the hanger saves the hassle of ironing clothes later, as they are already stretched dry.

Another accessory that helps to save space on your clothesline is the underwear holder, which holds several pieces at once.

4) Check the weather forecast

As the task of drying clothes in an apartment is no longer so easy, you need to count on the help of weather conditions to make the process faster. Before you start washing your parts, check the weather forecast. If the forecast is for rain, the best thing to do is to leave it to wash them another day.

5) Have a clothes dryer

Finally, the last tip is to have a clothes dryer . If your space is very small, or if your apartment is not well ventilated, the best option is to have a clothes dryer. Although it uses a little more electricity, you won’t have to worry about whether your clothes will dry out or not.

For those who want to make everyday life easier at home , some appliances are more than welcome. In laundry, it is known that the washing machine is the protagonist; but many have faced problems, especially in the cold days, when the clothes were hard to dry. It is only at that moment that we realize that some equipment is extremely useful, as is the case with the clothes dryer .

The market has several models of dryers, which causes a lot of indecision in consumers. But one of the tiebreaker criteria, in addition to the price, is the machine’s capacity. How to choose the ideal capacity for your family? Some tips can help you. Check out!

How do I choose my clothes dryer?

1) Consider your region

The region where you live is important for climatic reasons. In any region of Brazil, clothes dryers can help in everyday life, but there are some specifically that practically ask for the appliance. This is the case in the southern region, which often faces low temperatures and this makes it difficult to quickly dry the parts. For those who live in these states, there are some dryer models that, in addition to drying the piece, also have the function of space heater!

The driest regions of Brazil, despite having high temperatures on the thermometer, may have problems with the dust typical of the drought. All this dust can end up dirtying the pieces that are spread on the clothesline and, after all, instead of ending up with clean clothes, the effect is the opposite.

Thus, those who live in any of the regions mentioned above have a tendency to use the equipment more, which requires greater capacity for operation.

2) Take into account the size of your family

The size of your family is an important factor when choosing the capacity of your clothes dryer. It is a fact: the greater the number of members, the greater the volume that the equipment can support. It is unlikely that a small family (or, if you live alone) will need a dryer with more than 10 kg of capacity, since it is unlikely that this amount of laundry will be accumulated.

For large families, this ability is welcome, as it eliminates the hassle of dividing the pieces into smaller drying portions, doubling and even tripling the time allotted for this task.

3) Put the kids on the bill

Who has children at home should think more lovingly about the idea of ​​having a dryer with good capacity. This is because, in addition to children soiling more clothes, there are some specific pieces that tend to be soiled more often by the little ones. This is the case with blankets and bedding! In addition, when these parts need to be washed, they have a certain urgency to be ready for use again; one more point for the dryer!

4) Consider how often you wash clothes

Your laundry routine also matters when choosing the capacity of your future dryer. This is because, especially in the regions mentioned above, the use of the dryer is usually made with each wash. If you are in the habit of washing clothes once a week, for example, after accumulating a certain amount, a dryer with a larger capacity is more interesting. Otherwise, considering the size of the family, better models may be more useful.


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