Are you doing it right? A guide to washing clothes perfectly

Few things are more comfortable than clean, smelling clothes. Be it the bedding, the coat or even the pajamas, there is no one who gives up the smell of laundry on the pieces. However, in the same way, it is not uncommon to find pieces fresh from the washer with a different odor than expected. What to do in these cases?

There are a number of tips that can help ensure smelling clothes with each wash. Some of them are even related to breaking common habits when it comes to washing the pieces. Thinking about it, we prepared this post with 4 tips for you to guarantee the best smell in your wardrobe. Check out!

How to make clothes smell better?

1) Dry the parts well

The best tip on this list is, of course, taking care of drying your pieces. Clothes that don’t dry properly tend to carry that smell that everyone hates. This is quite common on winter days and especially for those who live in apartments. In these cases, a clothes dryer can help a lot in the mission. For those who have space, ensuring that the pieces are well exposed to ventilation is ideal. Getting organized with washing is also important, as it is quite common to remove clothes from the clothesline ahead of time due to haste or the need for a particular piece of clothing.

2) Clean your washing machine regularly

Few know that the washing machine must be cleaned regularly. This can be one of the factors that compromise both the quality of the washing and the odor of the pieces. Considering that the equipment has the function of cleaning, using products for the function, over time residues and lint can accumulate and generate a bad smell

3) Use good fabric softeners

Among the tips in this post, this is the most common and that many people already know. Using good products makes all the difference in the result of washing your parts . Good habits, combined with the use of a quality fabric softener, in the ideal quantities, can work miracles in the smell of your wardrobes.

4) Do not soak the pieces for more than 2 hours

To remove some stains, soaking the piece is the best alternative. But leaving it there and remembering to take it out the next day can do a lot of damage. In addition to damaging the fabric and the color of the clothes, forgetting it immersed in water and products contributes to that smell that no one wants.

A maximum soak time of 2 hours is recommended. Still, it is very common that the piece does not even need sauce; sometimes a good wash cycle is sufficient. However, if you need to keep the pieces in the water for a while, remember to remove them and put them to dry as soon as possible.

4 mistakes when washing clothes

The world of housework may seem simple, but the truth is that it just seems! Those who are just starting out know: there are many details and any slip will compromise the whole task. And this is not exclusive to one task or another! Most cleaning and organizing activities are well-established processes.

Laundry washing is one such example. There is care with the parts before putting the machine , during and after. In addition, there are some practices that, most of the time, we think are correct when in fact they are simple mistakes that can compromise the final result of your washing. In today’s post, we talked about 4 mistakes when washing clothes. Check out!

1) Rub the parts too much by hand

Stains on clothes can be a nightmare. What many people do is rub the parts before putting them in the machine, but this can be a mistake. Friction, if in excess, can damage the fabric and weft of the pieces, leaving them with an old and worn appearance. If the piece has elasticity, then it may end up frayed. So, the best option is to use a good stain remover and use and abuse your washing machine’s washing cycles !

2) Soak the pieces for a long time

Another mistake that can be made by those who deal with stained pieces is the dressing time. Sometimes, in the midst of the daily rush, we put the pieces in the bucket and forget them there; in many cases, we remember days after the clothes stayed there. This is a problem considering that the product used in the sauce has a specific time of action and, if left in excess, can damage the piece due to color fading or even wear of the fabric. Also, leaving your clothes soaked for a long time can make them smell bad!

3) Put too much laundry in the machine

Sometimes, thinking of facilitating the routine of the house, we let a large amount of pieces accumulate to wash everything at once. Depending on the volume, this practice can overload the washer and the effect is very bad. In addition to not washing each part properly, the excess still damages the washing machine, which can lead to irreversible damage. In this case, the best option is to divide the volume into two or more washes!

4) Using too much product

Many people think that using too much product can be more advantageous; either because the clothes will smell or be cleaner, it is common to use and abuse products when washing clothes. But this can be a mistake! The excess can be harmful to the fabric and can impair the efficiency of the washer in leaving the parts clean, resulting in clothes with a hardened or greasy appearance.

5 essential products for washing clothes

Who doesn’t like to have clean and smelling clothes, right? Know that, using the right products to wash clothes, it is possible to achieve this result in your home, without having to spend on laundry. That’s right! Want to know how? See the main products for washing clothes that cannot be missing in your laundry and learn how to use each one correctly.

Washing powder

It may seem obvious, but washing powder is essential and makes all the difference when washing your clothes. In fact, it’s not just any laundry detergent that counts. It is essential to always look for the best brands and for a quality washing powder, as it is the one that will ensure the deep cleaning of your clothes.

What happens when you don’t choose your washing powder well? Well, in addition to not getting the desired cleaning for your pieces, a low quality washing powder can stain or fade your clothes, shortening their useful life.


Another product already well known and used by housewives for washing clothes is the fabric softener. A lot of people think that its function is just to leave that delicious smell on the pieces, but its usefulness goes far beyond that. The softener is used to restore the elasticity of the pieces, which is removed with washing powder. Make the test to see, try to wash a piece only with washing powder, without finishing with the fabric softener, and you will see that it will be hard. In addition, the fabric softener also prepares your clothes for ironing, making this task easier.

Stain remover

Everyone knows that accidents happen and it seems that when we have that new outfit that we like so much, the worst tragedies decide to happen, don’t we? For those occasions, always have a good stain remover and use it according to the instructions on the package. Each product works in a different way, so please read the instructions for use carefully before washing.

Valuable tip: under no circumstances use doubtful solutions in your clothes. Do you know those miraculous recipes that appear on the internet? So they make you believe that they work, and in fact, some may even work. But it’s not worth taking the risk of having your favorite clothes stained forever, is it?

Washing accessories

Nowadays, washing clothes “by hand” is almost impossible, as most people have washers. Therefore, some accessories such as organza bags are essential to wash the most delicate items, protecting them from other items.

Ironing gum

Finally, the washing of clothes does not end when we remove it from the clothesline, does it? It still has to pass! For this, always use an ironing gum that. In addition to facilitating its service, it also protects the parts from the heat of the iron, preventing stains.

Now let’s talk about the partners that help us in this task: the washers. It looks like they fell from the sky, doesn’t it? The secret for this partnership to become one of the best is to use each program for its proper functions. For example, I bet your machine has the function for delicate items, jeans, underwear and more. Separate your clothes and wash them separately, as indicated by each schedule. Thus, your clothes will be even cleaner and without risking damage during washing.

The role of washing programs

The products used are a very important point, but, above all, the washing machine is essential in this process. It is a fact that the market offers a multitude of options when it comes to washing machines. As if that much variety was not enough, each one still has its specificities regarding the washing programs, which are also great influencers in the cleaning of its pieces.

Despite the diversity, what they all have in common is the sauce and stirring process. But do you know why these steps are so important in removing the dirt impregnated in the fabric?

Why is sauce so important?

Many say they don’t have the patience to wait and prefer to skip the soaking steps in the washing process, but this is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made when it comes to washing your clothes properly.

Leaving the clothes submerged for a while causes the water and the products placed on it to act on the fabric and the stains present on it. It is extremely important not to skip this step, as each washing program has been designed and tested so that you can obtain the best possible result; and the quantity of sauces, as well as the stipulated time, are part of this.

It is also worth mentioning that the pieces cannot be forgotten in the sauce, at the risk of getting a bad smell. What happens is that cleaning products for clothes have a time of action and leaving it on for longer will not provide a greater cleaning; in fact, the opposite happens: if you leave your clothes standing in the water, microbes will take advantage of the dirt removed from your garment and present in the water, causing a bad smell.

Why is agitation so important?

The movement process, present in many machines, helps to remove stains and dirt due to the friction caused between the parts during washing. There are 2 great technologies for this: swirling and agitation. Both are good at removing dirt, but the main difference is the washing time: agitation is faster than swirling, a technology found in front opening machines.

How to use the washing programs?

The washing programs are nothing more than the combination of movements and sauces in order to provide a washing more appropriate to the needs of your clothes. You can adjust the washing of your pieces for when there is more or less dirt, more or less delicacy in the fabric, etc.

For very dirty parts

Generally, when the pieces are more soiled, a heavier washing program is recommended, which is a longer program and will have a greater number of sauces and more intense shaking. This type of program can also be used to wash heavier items, such as comforters, blankets and blankets.

For delicate clothes

Clothes with delicate fabric deserve attention and care when washing, so that they are always in perfect condition. For this type of clothing, light or delicate washing programs are recommended, which are specially developed with the best combination to clean clothes from delicate fabrics. It is important to remember that pieces with stains are not recommended for this program, as they do not usually have the sauce.

This type of care is recommended for underwear, baby clothes and lacy and fine fabrics.

For everyday clothes

For everyday clothes with a moderate degree of dirt, such as jeans, blouses and T-shirts, there are quick wash programs, which will try to clean your items quickly and efficiently. Generally, this type of program includes a medium amount of sauces and agitation, in order to properly clean parts that do not need heavy cleaning.

What to prioritize when buying a machine?

These washing programs mentioned above are quite basic and therefore easily found on any washer. But ideally, you should choose washers that provide the largest number of options for washing programs, so you are sure to have a model to specifically meet the needs of your clothes, which can be varied. You can, for example, have a set of parts that is not extremely dirty, but is also not clean enough to use the simple washing program. In these cases,? Middle ground? they can be extremely useful for properly cleaned clothes, in the best possible time and with the least energy expenditure.

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