Clean house: everything you need to keep your house an earring!

It is a fact that clean and organized environments are more harmonious and comfortable. However, keeping the house clean is an arduous and constant task. Caregivers know: the house gets dark and the morning is a mess, as if by magic. Thus, it is common to have the feeling that domestic work does not pay.

But did you know that it is possible to organize the cleaning routine so that tasks are more practical and efficient? In this case, technique alone is not enough: knowing how to organize is what makes the difference. Thinking about it, we prepared today’s post with some tips on how to distribute some of the household chores in your routine. Check out!

How to organize house cleaning?

Clean the dust

Removing dust from the house is a very important task, especially in the home of those suffering from allergies. In such cases, the tasks of sweeping the house and cleaning the furniture must be carried out every day! Preferably, with the help of a damp cloth, as this way you actually collect the dust instead of just spreading it out.

In the home of those who do not have allergic problems, this type of cleaning can happen every 2 days, for example.

Wash the clothes

Clothes are items that need organization in terms of washing. This is because some pieces have specific days to be used, as is the case with uniforms, for example. The ideal is for washing clothes to happen once a week, on the day that is most convenient to your need! It is common to leave the weekend for the task, since you take advantage of the parts used during the week and leave prepared those that need to be cleaned for the following week.

Bed linen

In the case of bed and bath clothes, for example, it is recommended that the washing is done every week. However, on a different day from washing ordinary clothes. This is because leaving everything for the same day can generate a huge accumulation of parts and this is a real problem for those who do not have much space for drying.

Iron the clothes

Ironing the pieces is a very important task, especially for those made of certain fabrics, which crumple easily. The indicated is that the routine of ironing the clothes follows more or less the organization of the washing. Once a week is a good number and it is recommended to happen in the days after washing. In this way, you ensure that the parts do not accumulate uselessly for days between tasks.

Wash the bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the parts of the house that most need attention regarding hygiene. The ideal is to have the habit of cleaning them superficially on alternate days. Then, just select a day of the week for the cleaning to be heavier, washing the floor and tiles, in addition to the tableware.

Surface cleaning should include changing the garbage, removing the hair strands and cleaning the countertop. The weekly cleaning should include cleaning the sink, toilet, box (interior and glass), in addition to mirrors. It is very important that, on that day, the tiles and the floor are washed with running water and disinfectant soap.

There’s nothing like finishing the cleaning and seeing everything shine, right? What discourages many people is to think that cleaning does not last long. But know that there are some secrets to make it last! Making some practices real habits and organizing some questions are examples of initiatives that can help keep the house clean. We have prepared some tips for you to apply on a daily basis and prove the results. Check out!

How to keep the house clean and organized?

1) Keep everything you moved

The tip seems obvious, but it is not always considered when keeping everything in order. It can also seem difficult, especially for those who have very busy routines and little time available. But the truth is that this habit does not always take a lot of time on a daily basis. The idea can be applied in situations ranging from the cookie jar you took out of the cupboard for breakfast to the shoe you took out when you got home.

A great tip is not to move things from one room to another. When you get home, leave your shoes in the room, if this is where you usually keep them. When picking up the cookie jar, for example, don’t take it from the kitchen to the living room; take the amount you need, then put it back in the cupboard. This tip is especially interesting because it avoids procrastination; this is because it is easier to keep things when they are not scattered.

2) Clean the surfaces you just used

Think about all the activities you do on a daily basis on surfaces (be it the kitchen table, the bathroom countertop or even the laundry counter . It is very common that, depending on the task, some splashes and stains end up being on these To prevent dirt from accumulating or becoming impregnated, encourage the habit of cleaning the area after use. dirt.

Over time, you will realize how much cleaning time this habit saves. In addition, there is also the joy it gives to see that things are always clean.

3) Organize your washing routine

A good tip for those who deal with household chores is to organize cleaning routines, especially washing clothes. This is because clothes are items that we use frequently (and therefore can generate accumulation) and because it is a cyclical item, that is, that we dirty, wash and use. When you organize your washing routine, you guarantee that you won’t have to spend an entire day dedicated to this task (decreasing the chances of procrastinating it) and you are sure that the piece you like so much will be clean in the wardrobe when you need to use it most.

An interesting tip is to evaluate the number of people who live in the house; thus, you have an average of the number of pieces. Then, just define which days of the week will be dedicated to washing. Between once and twice a week are usually sufficient

Now that you know how to organize cleaning and make it last longer, how about some equipment that promises to make your home routine even easier?

The truth is that technology has come to help everyone’s daily lives even more. Thus, new equipment is launched at all times, with the most varied proposals and for the most diverse purposes. Thinking about it, today’s post brings 4 appliances that can facilitate your cleaning routine. Check out!

See the equipment that can help you on a daily basis

1) High pressure washer

In times of water rationing, having a high pressure washer contributes to both the economy and practicality. For washing sidewalks, backyards, garages and even cars, this type of appliance helps in a much more effective cleaning. This is because the water comes out at a relatively high pressure and thus the removal of dirt is better, and using much less water, in addition to being much faster. There are several models available on the market and the choice must be made taking into account the purpose for which the washer is intended.

2) Cordless vacuum cleaner

If you are from the time when the vacuum cleaner was only used to clean upholstery and curtains – and you still had to deal with that huge equipment full of wires and tubes – know that the reality is no longer the same. With cordless vacuum cleaners, you can remove all crumbs, dirt and hair from the floor with few movements. Similar to a broom, most equipment has an articulation that makes reaching corners and small spaces simple. And the best of all is the absence of wires. This is because the battery is recharged directly into the outlet only when the equipment needs it.

3) Washing machine with timer

Washing clothes is a procedure that usually takes time. Imagine what it would be like if you could put your clothes in the machine and come back only when everything is ready? The time between the start and the end of the wash can be used to advance other tasks or simply to take a rest. This is possible with timer washing machines! This is because they give notice as soon as their parts complete the entire washing cycle.

4) Fryer without oil

If you are confused because the title of this post talks about appliances that help keep the house clean, know that everything is right with this item! The famous oil-free fryers are great not only for improving food and preparing meals faster. But also to avoid that you end up with a kitchen that is all greasy after frying a portion of meat, for example. This is because the equipment avoids excess fat and performs the cooking process of food in a closed manner. That is: no strong smell or splash of grease. So, you end up with just the dirty fryer container!


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