Know the causes of population growth, loss and prevention tips on World Population Day

In view of the increasing population from year to year throughout the world, ‘World Population Day’ started from ’11 July 1989′ with the aim of controlling the population. This day highlights the ill effects of increasing population and also makes people aware, as it is important to control the population. On this day, various programs are organized to highlight various aspects of population growth and to make people aware.

Let’s know the reasons for population growth :


  1. Eventoday there are many such backward areas and villages in our country, where the tradition of child marriage is prevalent due to which children start being born from an early age, resulting in more children.
  2. Lack of education is a major reason for population growth.


  1. Inconservative thinking and male-dominated society, people produce many children in their desire for a boy.


  1. Eventoday, there are many places where elders think that if their ancestral wealth is more, then more boys should be born to pursue and manage it. In many cases, pressure is put on married couples to have children.
  2. Theidea of ​​an educated and middle class family that ‘more children especially boys, that is, the support of their old age’.


  1. Marriage of youth without explaining the importance of family planning is also a main reason. It is still misunderstood to discuss such things in families, and they are directly married without telling their young children about the relationship and its consequences. In such cases, in many cases, people are born ignorantly.
  2. Eventoday girls are not given information related to contraceptive measures before marriage and in many cases they do not even know how to avoid unwanted pregnancy even after marriage.


  1. Poverty is also the root cause of increasing population.


  1. Many children in our country are malnourished. The problem of employment, it clearly shows that more population is hindered in the development of your children and country.

Let’s know what are the disadvantages of increasing population and producing more children?

  1. It will be difficult to maintain more children. This will not only make your life painful, but will also spoil the future of children.
  2. Inequality will increase for which you will later blame the government. But it has really started from your own home. More children at home i.e. more in school, more in college, more in the race to get jobs, consequently more competition and thus inequality and discrimination will be promoted in the whole society, world.
  3. The root cause of problems like Naxalism is the same social inequality, which further increases the gap between poverty and wealth among people.
  4. If the population is less then everyone will get the benefit of development equally. There will be no theft anywhere and no one will pick up a gun.
  5. The growth of society slows down due to more population.


Let’s know how to stop the growing population: Suggestions

  1. Tell people ways and options to stop population by reaching home
  2. Do not marry young people before the age of 25-30 and explain the reason for the difference between at least 5 years between 2 children.
  3. Add it at the social and religious level to prevent population growth.
  4. Boycott those who produce more children at the social level, because even if others produce more children, it will affect your children’s future as well. There will be more competition for your children and the chances of unemployment in the country will increase.
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