Why Recognizing Value of Time Achieve Success In Life

In times the works that can be done laughing and smiling, at the same time, the works look like mountains. Life is short, which is passing fast. Every moment in life comes a feeling of a new responsibility. Today’s work, which avoids tomorrow, neither came today nor tomorrow. Punctuality is the hallmark of a successful and successful person.

Every moment of life is very special and success comes from the one who recognized the value of time. People engaged in the practice of using time not only get new opportunities, but they also know the skills to make the best use of the opportunities. These types of people want to use every moment of their life in achieving their goal. They have no time left for wasteful work.

All the rich people who have been in this world have used more and more time in their lives. Be it Tata or Birla, Rockefeller or Henry Ford – all worked continuously for 18-18 hours out of 24 hours. Used to be engrossed in his work to further his business. Used more and more of his time.


They never did laziness, because they understood the importance of time well. They knew that the past had never returned. All the great men in this world have understood the importance of time and did each of their tasks at the right time. This is the reason that they continued to move forward in life.

It is said about Mahatma Gandhi that he left the bed at 4 am and worked till 2 pm. Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati , the promoter and social reformer of the Arya Samaj, used to sleep for only 2 hours.


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, made an epoch-making book like ‘Discovery of India’, making his prison stay completely meaningful. The iron man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel also worked for 18 hours a day and he retained this ability till the last moments of his life.

These people understood the importance of time and made full use of it and created a history of success in this world. You too can make a history of success by using your precious time properly. Every person gets an opportunity to move forward, but only once. If you will sit in wait, thinking that you stop for a while, then do it, then it is wrong. So continue your efforts, be constantly engaged with karma, this will be your step towards success.

The past never comes back. The opportunities that you have at the moment are not always going to be with you. Therefore, by utilizing every moment of your life, you can earn Vijayashree. Those who come to know the value of time, they can wave success in life.


by Abdullah Sam
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