3 May: International Journalism Independence Day

Freedom of the press is a fundamental need in a democratic country like India . There is often a discussion in India about the freedom of the press. There is bound to be talk on freedom of press in India on World Press Freedom Day , celebrated on 3 May . Freedom of the press proves how much freedom of expression is there in that country.

Freedom of the press in India is ensured by the fundamental right to freedom of expression given to Indians in Article 19 of the Indian Constitution . To honor freedom of the press globally, May 3 was declared as World Press Freedom Day by the General Assembly of the United Nations , also known as World Press Day .


The Guillermo Kano World Press Freedom Prize is also awarded by UNESCO on World Press Freedom Day on May 3 every year since 1997. This award is given to a person or institution who has done remarkable work for the freedom of the press. Since 1997, one of the biggest reasons why no journalist in India has received this award is that many senior journalists point out the difference in journalistic norms in the West and India.


In Indian journalism, ideas always dominate, whereas in the West factuality is emphasized. This reduces our level of journalism somewhere. Apart from this, there is also a lack of awareness among the Indian journalists about the awards, they do not strive for it.

Journalists have played an important role in the rise and progress of any country in the world. Even during the independence of India, journalists have played an important role, which can not be forgotten even today.

‘World Press Freedom Day’ is a day to evaluate the freedom of the press, protect against the attack of external elements on the freedom of the press and pay tribute to the journalists who died while serving the press.


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