Keys to training and staff development

Training workers is one of the main measures of Human Resources that can be put into practice by a company that is aware that the true talent is one that is exercised.

A worker may have some skills and abilities in action, but if he does not have the opportunity to exercise them in the daily field of work, he cannot develop his full potential. What are the keys to training and development of personnel in the company?


Training for those who join the team

It is possible to develop a mentoring plan so that a veteran worker of the organization can accompany a person who has just joined the team during their first weeks in the position. This adaptation is key not only for that new employee, but also for the company itself. Establishing a uniform accompaniment process around the welcome protocol is a practical idea in this regard.

Training courses

It is advisable to develop training plans tailored to the needs of the workers of each department. In that case, it is essential to prepare a diagnosis of the situation in order to specify a topic and a study program that consists of a theoretical and practical methodology that connects with the learning objectives established in this action.

Through the outsourcing formula, an entrepreneur can count on the collaboration of an external entity to organize and deliver these knowledge sessions.

When developing a training plan, it is crucial that the company study the extent to which the worker’s ability to improve his daily duties will improve after knowing everything he now does not know. These new skills must be a significant improvement, otherwise the result is totally unproductive.



Training Investment

A company has different sections. Just as when an organization wants to boost its products and services to the target audience through a marketing plan and must invest in advertising to achieve this purpose, in the same way, to carry out optimal training it is essential that the organization observes the Investment in this purpose as a priority.

This investment should not be seen as an expense but as a benefit when it is well planned from the beginning, since it fuels people’s motivation and productivity. And this is also a value for the company.

The employees themselves can provide their suggestions on training courses that they would like to make through the ideas raised through the media enabled for this purpose.

Company brand

It is convenient to convert continuing education into a culture of its own so that this mentality is part of the corporate identity and the way of doing things. For example, when the organization publishes a new vacancy offer through an online job bank, in addition to the requirements to apply for the position, it can also describe the benefits, this constant training support being an excellent proposal.


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