Examples of a company’s organizational culture

The best positioned companies, those of which employees are proud to be part, are entities that have a coherent identity, a unique and unrepeatable essence that manifests itself through stock-backed values. They are entities with an organizational culture that inspires individuals and society itself.



The entrepreneurs who lead these projects have a vision that transcends the aspiration of their own economic benefit. There is a basic humanism that accompanies the consolidation process of an institutional way of being. This is one of the reasons why the “Who We Are” section is the most important of a web page. In her this vision is perceived.

For example, through its website, IKEA describes what are those values ​​that are present in the daily work base. Ingredients as vital as humility, equipment and enthusiasm.


The templates are made up of people. People who in some cases end up feeling mere individuals as a result of the impersonal treatment they breathe in the company. On the contrary, organizations with an organizational culture take care of the emotional salary through measures aimed at reconciling work, the comfort of employees in their workplace, training plans, team building activities and the application of positive psychology in leadership.
The most valued companies are those that integrate the illusion, well-being and happiness of people during their work schedule, because the better the employees feel in their workday, the greater their performance and their involvement.



There is a continuous unity between theory and practice. This constant link between decisions and theoretical regulations makes the organizational culture credible and reinforced by the voice of employees who, wherever they go, convey their satisfaction for actively participating in that reality.
Social causes
Company identity can also be manifested through solidarity commitment in support of causes that constitute a value for society itself. Through this involvement in the construction of a better world, the company’s image is strengthened from the eyes of others (both by the target audience and by the one who is not a regular customer of the products and services offered).
An example of social commitment is carried out by Yves Rocher, a cosmetic product brand committed to the care of nature. Through its foundation created in 1991, the company is proactive in the application of a present strategy that promotes a hopeful future in different fields.

Equal opportunities

At a time like this, those companies that seek to differentiate themselves in the commercial market are especially influential through a philosophy of real equality of opportunities between men and women in daily work.
To have a good organizational culture, a company needs to know itself from within and analyze if the image it wants to transmit is in tune with what it projects.
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