Keys to sell your handmade products through Instagram

According to published data, during confinement , internet use has increased 60% in OECD countries. Specifically, in Spain the use of social networks has increased by 55% in these days of quarantine. Instagram is one of the platforms that has benefited and there are many profiles that have increased in followers and engagement these days. For this reason, as highlighted by the expert in digital marketing Eva Pijuan, it is a good time to exploit the options offered by Instagram as a sales channel for handmade products

The use of social networks has increased exponentially in these days of confinement. With more free time, many users have used the networks for leisure. Instagram is one of them, so it has seen its traffic increase. In this context, Eva Pijuan , expert in digital marketing and online business of handmade products, highlights the potential of the image’s social network as a sales channel for handmade products .

Show the artisan, know more about him

Instagram is a perfect channel for marketing, “in it people can meet you, see what you do and offer. It is a perfect showcase ”, says Eva Pijuan. In addition, it has the added value that users can know a little more about the creator, “this is something that is closely related to the business of handmade products, that the product is closely linked to the craftsman who creates it. It is not a product manufactured on a large scale, but it is made with great care, taking into account the smallest detail and that increases the quality of the product, ”adds Pijuan. That is why it is key to “humanize” the business. See who is behind, who is an entrepreneur who with all his love and skill is creating the product. In short, it’s about not being afraid to show yourself, not hiding behind the product. The customer wants to see faces, wants to know who is behind creating the product. “You will see that when you start to lose the fear of showing yourself, your results will improve.”

Careful image that transmits emotions and sensations

The image is everything in a social network like Instagram. Therefore, they must be cared for to the maximum. And not only that they are photographs that show the product clearly, but also convey emotions, sensations, a personal atmosphere. Nowadays, smartphones and the numerous photography applications, filters and others, manage to create excellent photographs. The key is to create your own style and be consistent throughout the image of the product.

Exploit the options of the stories : expose the “behind the scenes”

Similarly, one of the strengths of Instagram, as highlighted by Pijuan, are the stories . With them it is possible to show how the product will look, the options it has … In addition, the craftsman can share images or videos of the materials he uses to create the product and before and after the creation process. Another interesting option is, for example, to cast votes on what colors they prefer for a product. In this way, followers are involved in the creation process and the end result is made a bit of their own too. The stories also give the option of revealing the person creating the product, a little the idea of ​​”behind the scenes”.

Company profile and link to online store or social networks

Finally, another key that Eva Pijuan highlights refers to the creation of the profile. The ideal is to have a company profile, rather than a personal account. In the account description it is essential to add a link to the online store (if you have one) or, if not, to another of the social networks that you have so that followers can continue to meet the entrepreneur. Similarly, it is also essential to have the same brand name on all social networks.

About Eva Pijuan: Graduated in Communication Sciences, Advertising and Public Relations, with a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing and a master’s degree in Official English Language Teacher, she combines her professional life with her great passion, traveling.

One of the trips that most marked her was the season she was living in Nepal, working as a volunteer teacher in schools and orphanages. From there it became clear that she wanted to dedicate herself to living on her own business and passion, and in early 2017 she founded her own online marketing brand specialized in crafts. With more than 7,000 subscribers to her page.

Eva helps those undecided to make the leap and sell their creations online. It offers free videos, articles and tutorials, as well as more advanced options for paid courses, where it teaches, step by step, what needs to be done to create, scale and consolidate a digital handmade business. Eva Pijuan’s Most Handmade Sales course contains 7 step-by-step modules and a private community with entrepreneurs who have decided to go one step further and start living on their own products.

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