Just be a good mentor to your team

It’s not that hard to be a classic boss, but being a mentor to your team is really hard work, but necessary when it comes to quality management.

Being a boss means occupying a place of autonomy, being able to direct strategies, coordinating teams towards a common target, but also having to deal with more diverse responsibilities regarding caring for people.

That is why in order to yield more and to maintain the health of your team’s productive culture, a manager has to get used to mentoring his team members.

What is a mentor and what is it for?

I know that the term is already enormously outdated and worn out due to overuse and misapplication in many management situations. Mentor terminology needs to be understood as fully as possible.

The more you understand that you must guide your employees, but realize that accompanying people, helps them in decision making, to be more autonomous, efficient and quick. It is to enable people to be more aligned with the realities and objectives. Everyone gets closer.

A mentor is not just someone more experienced who is in your life to tell you what to do, but a good mentor is a person who will be guiding others to maximize their potential.

It is he who helps you to open doors, to train more, and involves you in important cycles, allows you to learn to deal with different situations and helps you not to lose your temper in the face of challenges.

How can I be a good mentor for my team?

When we are facing an excellent mentor, we can soon identify some clearer and more objective characteristics in his behavior and in his way of thinking processes.

Be able to be close to the processes. Be the least and the most complex. Obviously you will not be able to guide everyone at all times, but those you identify who need a greater demand for attention, follow up personally and help the people involved to stay motivated and ready to find the best way to go.

Always make it clear to them what it takes to reach the top and what are the most valuable resources for their careers, get used to making room for them to ask freely and have a culture of offering good advice. The easiest way to be a mentor is to have a real interest in helping people.

Do not forget to invest in people, including providing them with a wealth of knowledge and resources that, in fact, help them to expand their areas of expertise and their skills. Train and encourage your team to be multidisciplinary.

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What’s missing to be a good manager?

Teach people to discover new opportunities within the company. Really be a person who sponsors the achievements of people and makes a point of being present in the career stages of people who you think are taking advantage of the opportunities that appear.

Remember, don’t just support that employee who numerically has good results, but those who have a continuous evolution are the most important.

Give sincere praise for your accomplishments and don’t let the “lack of time” stop you from giving constructive feedback. Don’t be afraid to help people become passionate about the brand’s success.

It is your responsibility to make your team believe in the company and the goals they set, but do not do it artificially. Just play the game clean.

Carefully manage

Take your seat with the sense that you are always being watched and compared to other managers. So don’t push your obligations to other people and don’t just pretend you’re doing something you’re not doing.

And as a manager, also seek to learn new skills that will be necessary for future management. Most managers stagnate when they get their name on the office door.

Give advice without fear, but mainly create a bond of trust and friendship throughout your professional life. Be a mentor to your team and they will always support you in everything.

Help people with their numerical results. Make a management based on real data and strategies that make sense and that are based on the concrete reality of the business situation in which the company is.

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