The people management skills you need to improve

Today we have an increasingly dynamic work environment. This means that it is no longer enough for a manager to only know numbers and results, but to learn to lead a diverse team.

The leader needs to be able to motivate and inspire people to act beyond their conventional performance while having to solve complex problems that can exist in a high performance work culture.

In this context, effective people management is being able to learn how to do more with a team and influence them to have considerable productivity.

Both have a direct correlation with how employees understand their place in the workspace and how they deal with their motivations to work more productively.

What skills are missing and can make all the difference in people management results? You need to be concerned with that, and preferably educate yourself in these ways.

Focus on getting to know the emotional capital

The first thing that every manager needs to improve his ability to manage people, obviously, is to know how to understand people .

To do this, you need to worry about getting guidance from your team’s behavior . This is a micro management that can take you to know more about the emotional body of each one.

How well do you know each of your team? How do you know which area each one needs to invest in? Be open to better understand through metrics and approaches what is the direction of the effort you need to make and how you can be able to better take advantage of people’s strengths and generate maturity to promote certain autonomy without having to always talk about what needs to be done.

Empower yourself and pursue knowledge about people and enhance the skills your team needs. When you know what your team member feels, you have an easier time engaging them.

Involve everyone in everything

The lack of team engagement is mainly due to the fact that some sectors are not aware of the whole and lose track of their role within the performance gear in which they find themselves.

One of the ways to promote team sense is to tell your team all the time what an organization’s collective dreams are. In addition, when a culture of transparency is created between managers and team members, the door to more objective communication is further opened.

Every team has a mix of introverts and extroverts. The easiest and most accurate way to bring them together is to create possible interactions between them . This does not mean promoting forced presentations. We are talking about a dynamic in which everyone can always participate in processes contributing in their own way.

Make sure that you are involving everyone within a comprehensive communication and that even the most silent can have their space guaranteed in decisions. A favorable environment makes even the most timid gain security to participate.

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Learn more about communication skills

Every business problem is usually a communication problem. Cross lines, misinformation, long processes and lack of interest in improving the communication process generate worrying noises.

The problem for managers is that they are only concerned with numbers, metrics and results, but few invest in how to improve communication at the four ends: leadership, team members, customers and the market.

Important messages need to be repeated repeatedly and emphatically. Leaders need to learn to talk transparently and learn to be more objective in the format of publicizing goals and objectives. They need to make sure everyone is on the same page

When everyone has a clear message, the team’s confidence increases and the sense of responsibility changes . When leaders are adept at using stories and anecdotes as a tool, they tend to communicate better with the other end of the process.

No more clichés, learn to practice empathy

It seems elementary, but: Dealing with people empathetically is more than putting yourself in their place, it is learning to listen to them and understand their side.

This is perhaps one of the most important people management skills for leaders, but perhaps the most difficult to apply effectively.

Cultivating the ability to put yourself in the shoes of your employees is rare. However, to understand certain points and limitations, this is an almost daily exercise.

Knowing how the other person feels will not only help you make better decisions in the long run, it can also create a strong path in creating a great office work ecosystem.

Use recognition and contribution triggers

Every employee likes to understand that they are doing well in their role. The only way he can understand this more valiantly is when his superiors recognize his efforts and contributions.

Thinking about managing people, this is an important aspect. This by no means means that employees should walk solely on the basis of praise and prestige, but creating a culture of recognition will go a long way in dealing with people’s insecurities.

It not only increases the individual’s confidence but also generates an extra motivation to work according to the organization’s goals. When we know we are going to the right place, we have the necessary validation to want to get there faster.

Take advantage of technology to create a robust feedback system, so you can really tell people what they can improve on and help them track your most important results.

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