Just Cause 4 Guide, Tips and Tricks

Get ready to dive into the dangerous world of Solís and get out alive thanks to our guide.

The Avalanche saga continues to grow with more content and more possibilities than ever, thanks to this fourth installment that takes Rico’s madness to a new level. Released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, Just Cause 4 is an open-world action and adventure game that, even closely following the pillars of the third part, has its peculiarities. We tell you the keys, the main differences with 3, and the history of Just Cause 4 .

The war in Solís

Rico goes this time to Solís, a fictional country in South America, where he will discover that they are taking advantage of his father’s inventions to do evil. A terrorist organization called the Black Hand has gotten the technology to control the weather , and thus they are controlling the people of Solís. Rico has to equip his gadgets and take action to face the most powerful enemy he has ever faced: time.

Changes from Just Cause 3

As we say, even if the essence of the fourth part is not very different from the previous one, there are quite a few big changes. From the hook to the map, we tell you the main improvements in Rico’s new adventure.

Hook customization and enhancements

Rico’s hook is more capable than ever, and features a variety of customization options. Now, through this we can use the grip tool, the propulsion tool and some balloons that remind us of those in Metal Gear Solid V , and adjust all those tools to our liking.


Now we can choose the strength of each of these tools, the activation system and various other modifiers. We can decide if these improvements are activated automatically, if they are activated and remain activated by quickly pressing up, or if they are activated only when we press and hold this address, being able to turn them on and off at will.

In addition, we can choose the force with which they are activated (the height in the case of balloons) and modify them with certain improvements that we can unlock. To give you an idea, this option allows us to modify the gadget’s behavior in different ways. We can make when the hook joins two things, they go off, we can make the balloon follow us or go where we point, or we can control the direction in which the propellants are going to push.

Freedom is incredible. You can take an armored truck, put balloons and boosters on it, and turn it into a floating fort to raid anywhere.

The secondary firing of weapons

Why carry one weapon if you can carry two? Now, the weapons have their primary fire and a totally different secondary fire . This means that your sniper rifle can also carry a guided missile, or your shotgun can be equipped with grenades, for example. Each weapon has a different secondary shot, and it is a matter of exploring and discovering the hidden side of each one, especially the special ones.

Biomes, new scenarios

One of the hallmarks of the Just Cause saga is its tropical setting, which is now expanded in this fourth installment with the so-called biomes . These are new areas with different environments, such as desert areas or snowy and mountainous areas . These biomes , in addition to their own fauna, have their own climate, which brings us to the next big thing.

Meteorological phenomena

In Just Cause 4 we are going to find extreme weather events, such as tornadoes, sandstorms or thunderstorms , each one not only visually spectacular, but also with playable consequences.

The sandstorm hits when you least expect it and blinds you completely, forcing you to move around the stage to find enemies and protect yourself from their attacks. The tornado, for its part, carries everything with it. It is spectacular to see how it uproots trees and houses, and how it takes cars and everything in its path flying away, including us. We will have to walk away from him or embrace his strength and use it to our advantage. The electrical storm electrocutes whatever it catches in its path, although the higher we are, the more risks we have of being reached. Is it time to start throwing balloons at our enemies?

Order supplies when and how you want

In Just Cause 3, supplies could only be ordered in certain parts of the stage. Now they can be requested wherever and whenever you want , as long as you have helpers available. A help that can get us out of an emergency.

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