How to share Instagram stories with just one person

Instagram stories are one of the best means to show what we do, think or want to share with our followers. Have you ever wondered how to make only one specific person see my story on Instagram ? Please read the following information carefully to learn how.

How to Make Only One Specific Person See My Story on Instagram

Normally Instagram stories are shared with all of our followers. In any case, there are certain circumstances in which we want to share them with only one person or a few people. Here you will learn how to do this.

On the other hand, we also have a guide in which we teach you to hide Instagram stories from a person , which would be the opposite of what we will show you today. Without further ado, read our guide to sharing stories with one person.

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  1. How to share a story on Instagram
  2. Can I set my stories so that only some see them?
  3. How to share with a specific contact?
  4. Share stories with my best friend using a Stickers
  5. Share stories on Instagram with just one person
  6. How to make only one specific person see my story on Instagram using best friends

How to share a story on Instagram

Instagram offers a section to share daily activities or those special moments and that will be kept for 24 hours on the social network. These are the stories, in which it turns out to be too easy to be able to publish or add any image, video, photo, memory and more …

For you to share a story you can do it in several different and simple ways; The first is by opening your Instagram user and sliding your finger from left to right ; there the camera will come out for you to record a video or capture a photo; You can also select a background and accompany it with text or even upload a photo that you have saved on your device.

Once you have selected what to place, you can add stickers, music, underline, location and other accessories that the platform allows you to assign. Then you just have to tap on the send button and select ‘my story’ and voila, it will be published.

Now, another alternative to upload an Instagram story is by going to the gallery ; search there for the image, GIF, or video you want to post. Then you must click on the option ‘share’ and then Instagram, and there you click on your story and voila, the action will be performed automatically.

Can I set my stories so that only some see them?

Many users think that sharing their Instagram stories with some of their followers is not possible; But it turns out that there are some simple tricks with which you can give a touch of privacy or restrict who sees your stories.

You can select a group of your followers as ‘best friends’ and share stories with only those on that list. Another option is that you manage to block some followers to segment this way or limit them from seeing the stories on your account; And in case you don’t want to block them, you can hide the views of the stories from many of your followers.

How to share with a specific contact?


Share stories with my best friend using a Stickers


Share stories on Instagram with just one person

There are several methods for sharing stories with specific people. Anyway, only one allows you to do it without them noticing , follow these steps to share your Instagram Stories with a single person:

  1. The first step is to log into the Instagram account from which we want to share the story. Once you have successfully logged in, it is time to start the process.
  2. Click on the icon that directs you to your Profile,you will be able to access it easily, it is the icon with the figure of a person located below and to the right.
  3. Once you are in your Profile, click on the three horizontal lines located above and to the right.
  4. Click on Settings,which you will find until the bottom of the screen.
  5. In the configuration screen you must locate the Privacy section, once you press on it, the multiple options available in the system will be displayed, go to
  6. Hide historywill be displayed as the first option , you must click on this section.
  7. After clicking on the option, all your contacts will appear on the screen, select all those you want to hide your story from. Remember not to select the contact (s) you do want to show the story to.
  8. Click on the affirmative symbollocated above and to the right and you will have your account configured to show the history only to the contacts you have chosen.

The previous one is a complicated method, but it is the only one with which you can share a story with one or more defined people , without them realizing that it is shared only with them.

It should be noted that there is also a method to hide your photos on Instagram from a person without deleting them , which you could use together with the one mentioned before. On the other hand, it is also possible to complete the task in the previous guide using the Best Friends method.

How to make only one specific person see my story on Instagram using best friends

For some time now, Instagram created the best friends service through which it is possible to share content with just a select group of contacts, although it can also be a person.

It is a valid method in which if you want to share a story with just one person, the problem is that they will find out that the publication was shared only with them.

Still, before you start, you will need to remove those people you had on your instagram best friends list , leaving only the one you want to share the post with.

  1. Again click on the icon to access your Profileand then on the three horizontal lines located above and to the right.
  2. There you must click on In this section locate the Privacy tab and click.
  3. Within the privacy options you must locate the Stories tab, click there.
  4. You may notice that there is a tab called Best Friends, click on it.
  5. The Start button will appear on the screen.
  6. Now you must select the contact (s) with whom you want to share your Best Friends stories. When you have finished, you just have to click on Create list.
  7. When you are going to post a story, be aware before you send it to select the Best Friends icon.
  8. All content shared in this section will be shown only with those that are within the list you have previously selected.

The previous method is much faster than the first one we teach you, but as we have pointed out before, the person with whom you share the content will find out that it is on the list of best friends . In any case, it is a useful option to share a story on Instagram with a defined person or people.

On the other hand, there is also an alternative to this method, we can use when activating and sharing group stories on Instagram . This way you can also share stories to a select group of people.

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