How to share a Memoji on Instagram Stories

Memoji are one of the most liked characteristics of the bitten apple. There is no doubt that its success has been spectacular. Therefore, today we will see how to share a Memoji on Instagram Stories on iPhone .

Share a Memoji on Instagram Stories on iPhone

If we talk about popular applications or tools, Instagram Stories and memojis are among the top of recent times.

Anyone who has a sure iPhone has already made their memojis to share with users, because they can be sent by messaging applications or posted on social networks. And they are very realistic!

However, you may not know how to squeeze the most memojis. Because even if you don’t know about this function, the truth is that you can share a Memoji on Instagram Stories . And you will ask, how?

Here are the steps to follow to put it into practice:

  1. Create the memoji
  2. Go to the iPhone Messages app
  3. Indicate who you want to send a new message to and click on “animoji”
  4. When you’ve selected it, click the record button
  5. Select the arrow symbol
  6. Click on the message to open it on iPhone and click Share
  7. Then click save video
  8. Now open Instagram and select to upload a story
  9. Choose the video you just recorded with the memoji and publish it
  10. You already have it!

That’s how easy it is to share a Memoji on Instagram Stories on iPhone . You just have to follow these steps and it will take you a couple of minutes.

For now, there is no way to do it directly, but it is great because you can record the video over and over again until it is the way you want. Your Instagram followers are sure to love it.

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