Red Dead Online Guide: Tips and Tricks

We explore the Wild West of Rockstar in its online multiplayer aspect. We tell you all the tips.

After reviewing in depth all the secrets that Red Dead Redemption 2 includes in our extensive and detailed guide, now is the time to dive into Red Dead Online, the multiplayer aspect of the Rockstar title that is now available for free to all users who have Red Dead Redemption 2 .

In this extensive and exhaustive Red Dead Online guide we are going to know all the content that the multiplayer beta includes at launch, talking about competitive online options, the campaign mode, the secondary missions and all the activities that we can carry out. In addition, we will explore the types of confrontations against other players , we will review how to create Squads to play with friends and we will teach you all the details about the Camp.

We will also analyze the new game mechanics, as well as an exhaustive review of the prizes and rewards that we will obtain by completing challenges. Finally, we will take a look at the new card system for skills , the importance of honor and the currencies available in the game, both Gold Bars and Dollars.

Game modes

We go over all the game modes available in Red Dead Online. This multiplayer aspect not only includes several competitive modes such as: Small Showdown (16 players), Big Showdown (32 players) and Horse Race (16-32 players) , but also an option called Free Mode in which we can explore freely the Red Dead Online map. We will also know the battle royale called Todo Cuenta . Finally, we will talk about the exclusive Campaign mode for multiplayer and all the rewards that we can obtain.


Character editor

We detail all the customization options included in the Red Dead Online editor and the importance of using it well at the beginning of the adventure . We also discuss the different aesthetic changes that we can apply to our character, their clothing or the horse.


We analyze in detail the functionalities of the Camp, since it has become the main axis of the online adventure and the meeting point of the Squad. We also explain the best way to develop it and the options available to locate it in different areas of the map.


The Red Dead Redemption 2 online experience has placed a lot of importance on Squads. These groups of four players are essential to achieve a more effective experience in multiplayer and especially to complete the missions of the campaign. We show you the best way to create them and get the most out of them.

Money and micropayments

We explain the two currencies that are available in Red Dead Online: Dollars and Gold Bars, and we also show you the best ways to earn money quickly .

Activities and fast travel

The huge map of Red Dead Online offers a multitude of activities to have a good time with friends and get money and experience. In addition to fishing and hunting, we can also cut our hair, sell fur or, for example, change our style. We discover everything that can be done in multiplayer mode.

Frequent questions

We solve all doubts about Red Dead Online. Does the hair and beard grow? Can our horse die? Is PlayStation Plus required to play? Here you will find out everything you need to know about the online world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Honor and confrontations

We show you in detail the operation of the honor system in Red Dead Online, as well as the different confrontations that we can have against other players online, since the multiplayer aspect forces us to always be alert.


Finally, we give you a series of tips to be the best players in Red Dead Online . In addition, we discovered some very important tricks to make the first hours of play a much more accessible experience and get the most money and XP possible.

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