Is graphene toxic?

Graphene is one of the most used materials today to apply it in different electronic devices such as batteries, light bulbs, headphones or screens. It has a series of technical specifications that makes it a very versatile material that is used for many things, offering great performance. However, as with other materials, graphene can have some components that can make it toxic.

But is graphene really toxic?

Is graphene a material with toxicity?

For many years the toxicity of both graphene and graphene oxide has been an issue that has concerned many people. In fact, this is an area that has received some attention many times, although in recent months the risks that inhaling graphene can bring has been a more talked about topic than usual.

For many years different researchers have been in charge of studying whether graphene and graphene oxide are toxic. If it is true that these materials have not been considered as 100% safe for use, the results of the different investigations carried out indicate that graphene can be more or less safe if it is used in the right conditions.

The results of different surveys indicate that there are many people who are concerned about the toxicity of graphene. This can cause a problem since, even if graphene were shown to be safe for use, public perception could delay the adoption of the material or even cause doubts that could hinder or limit the adoption of graphene.

Tests ensure that it is not toxic

One of the biggest concerns regarding graphene toxicity has been inhaling it through the lungs. 3 years ago, a group of researchers in Germany used a 3D printed lung system to show that there was no damage to the artificial lung system from inhaling graphene particles.

Also five years ago in South Korea an experiment involved several rats to inhale graphene and no lung disease occurred in the animals.

In fact, in the current situation in which we find ourselves today, masks that carry graphene have also been created that caused much controversy since they were forced to remove them, although later it would be shown that their use did not carry any risk to health, so they were re-marketed.

So it seems that the more tests that are done to show that graphene is not a toxic material, people will calm down and be more at ease on this issue.

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