Interview: Yoga and Mental Health

Medication and psychotherapy may be associated with the treatment of mental disorders or abnormalities.

Scientific research in the past decades has shown that yoga is a very effective means of treating various types of mental disorders. Patricia Pritam spoke on behalf of the White Swan Foundation , a professor of psychiatry at Nimhans . Shivram with Baramballi . The brief version of the interview is summarized.

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We have worked with this field for several years. In some important mental illness, yoga is not only beneficial but also works almost like medicine. In some cases the only drug is the additive. It has been shown many times that some patients refuse to accept medical treatment. Then we have to find alternatives. In those cases, the success of Yoga is striking. As a means of healing, yoga became the only method. However, the number of such patients is very few. In most cases, permanent treatment for mental illness, such as medication, is added to psychotherapy as an additional method.

Yoga has a very important role in some mental problems such as depression, schizophrenia, mental anxiety or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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There are several articles, especially multidisciplinary reviews that only give rise to an idea about the subject. Because in these cases the majority of the numerology is high. But the writings are certainly meaningful. Since many studies combine to gather information on this topic, it is not easy to draw any conclusions from one’s research in all these cases. Because the information obtained from any one study may not be acceptable to humans. However, in the last ten years, there has been some evidence from India and outside India that it is understood that the role that yoga can play with other mediums in the treatment of mental illness. In this regard, most research work was possible under the supervision of Nimhans and we have published more than 20 papers in national and international journals. Most of these can be seen on the Internet. In this case, the Indian Journal of Psychiatry:

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This is really surprising and the question has come up from many places. In this case there are two types of problems. First, the yoga practice is still restricted to the school curriculum. Yoga is not used as therapy. Although yoga is considered an essential ingredient in healthy living, it is still not regarded as a cure for the disease. The concept of practicing yoga as a therapy has only recently emerged. For the last two-three decades, it has been debated.

On the other hand, there is one more problem with not giving yoga the status of therapy. This is because in most magazines, yoga is described as a randomized control trial, which is suitable for medical treatment. It cannot be asserted that the drugs given to one person in this trial will be equally applicable to others.

One strange problem with yoga practice is that the person practicing yoga is often in the dark about the subject of yoga. But this is not the case with medicine. The problem is so dire that the barrier to using yoga practice as a therapeutic therapy has not been overcome. I think for this reason, yoga is not being accepted as one of the treatment methods.

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As I said earlier, yoga is a medical practice that relies primarily on preliminary evidence. Before or after using yoga practice, we first need to find the source of the particular psychiatrist. If any psychiatric treatment can be initiated in the very early stages, it is easy to determine the type of illness and the benefits are available. Now in the case of yoga it can be said theoretically that using this method during the onset of illness will certainly produce good results. Although the practice of yoga is not yet considered as a proven fact, yoga can be emphasized for the sake of logic. However, scientists are still trying to find answers to how yoga works to cure disease. It is still believed that the repair of the human brain should be done very efficiently. In that case, yoga practice will only be effective when it is used very efficiently.

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