Importance Of Mental Health

To understand what mental health is, we need to know what health is. According to the World Health Organization ( WHO ), health is a healthy combination of the three physical, mental and social conditions. So we can say that a person’s health is a healthy body free of diseases, as well as a mind free from fear, frustration, depression, mental stress and able to accept various challenges of society. That is, one of the main components of health is mental well-being or mental health. Mental health is a combination of these three thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Mental health alone means

 Full and harmonious functioning of whole personality “.

Each of us has to face disaster at some point in our career or personal life. Many times we have to face the challenges of depression, depression. The question of mental illness comes to the fore when we see our normal activities being disrupted. It turns out that we are not as aware of physical health as we are of mental health. But poor mental health can have a profound effect on physical health. Because physical health and mental health are inherently involved.

WHO data shows that about 1.5% of Indians suffer from some kind of mental problem. The total amount of infected cases in the country is about 15% , more concern is the WHO ‘s opinion unless the next days will be more people with mental fatigue. But is it not possible to address this advanced medical system? Although physicians can help solve this problem, there are only 3 to 3 psychiatrists in our country for this large population .

There are many different types of mental problems. For example – depression , mental anxiety , schizophrenia and bipolar problems .

Significance of mental health: –

For a healthy and beautiful life, keeping the body healthy is just as important as keeping the mind healthy. If a person’s mental health is good –

  1. A)Can carry out daily activities in an orderly manner.
    B)may face different types of challenges.
    C) Providing conformity with family and society. Able to adapt to normal and sound adaptation.
    D) Can make fast and accurate decisions on various issues.
    E) become more productive and can play a greater role in the development of oneself and society.

-: Ways to Keep Mental Health Good: –

Everything we can do to keep our mental health good –

3) Take care of yourself: –

You need to take care of yourself to get mental health and well-being. Depressing emotions can reduce emotional stress and complexity. Set aside some time for yourself, listen to your mind, read books and listen to music. Try to stay in the present, forgetting the past and the future.

2) Nutritional intake: –

Scientists have found in many studies that balanced and nutritious food not only keeps our body good but also our mind. Unhealthy fatty foods, on the other hand, are severely responsible for our depression. A diet rich in vitamin B-12 , omega-1 fatty acids, helps keep our brain emotionally stimulating hormones. Apart from this, fresh fruits and vegetables have a major role in our mental health. Regular dietary intake increases the immunity as a result of both physical and mental health.

3) Adequate sleep: –

Just as there is no adequate sleep option to keep the body healthy, there is no alternative to sleep to keep the mind healthy. Because of the lack of adequate sleep, our mood becomes irritated and we feel tired, reduced workload. During sleep our body repairs the damaged cells and keeps our mind and mood up. So adequate rest is essential to keep mental health healthy.

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3) Regular exercise: –

Physical exercise is very important for mental health. Exercise can be a great way to reduce stress and depression. Exercise results in relaxation in the body, fatigue and reduced stress. Therefore, make it a habit to exercise regularly to keep your mind energized.

1) Do hobby work: –

If you are able to do your hobbies, your mind is good, your confidence increases. Anxiety does not come to a head, and repressed emotions are also revealed. For example, gardening, cooking or sewing, learning something new. As a result, the brain’s performance and efficiency will increase.

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3) Believe in yourself: –

Accepting one’s own weaknesses and believing in one’s own abilities can give us the courage to go on in life. None of us are perfect. It is foolish to think about one’s own weaknesses when comparing yourself to others. This leads to inferiority, frustration, depression. Accepting your weaknesses or trying to overcome them will increase your faith in yourself.

3) Be grateful: –

Make a list of what you have got all day, thank him. Do not bother with what you do not have, try to be happy with what you have received so that the positives in your mind will be born.

3) Spend more time with your loved ones: –

Spending time with loved ones keeps the mind healthy. Keeping yourself locked up will lead to depression and anxiety that can lead to emotional problems. Friends, open your hearts with your family. A little hug is a great way to heal a little hug.

1) Be active: –

When sitting idle, the anxiety is gathering in the crowd. So if you are always at work then your mind will be good.

1) Forgive: –

Mental illness can be triggered by resentment towards someone for a long time. Therefore, forgiveness can be forgiven to provide emotional peace. Excuse me healthy

The ways we have been told so far are in our hands that we can stay mentally healthy by adopting. . But it is important to consult a specialist to cure important mental problems. Although physical harm is good, mental damage is not easy to overcome. There are some brutal events happening around us daily, which can result in severe mental stress, fear, depression, depression, among those who suffer. We need to be on their side, looking at how they can have a perfectly healthy life without looking them in the eye.

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