Integrity is a word that comes from Latin, that is, “integer” which means whole and complete. Therefore, integrity requires inner feelings that show wholeness and consistency of character. In a short sense, integrity means the concept of consistency in actions, values, methods, measurements, principles, expectations and results. In ethics, integrity is considered as honesty and the truth or accuracy of actions in a person. Understanding integrity according to the experts is also not far from the definition that we have previously stated. One expert gave a definition of integrity as three things that we can always observe, namely, fulfilling commitments, showing honesty, and doing something fully consistent.


We believe the word integrity must be familiar to our ears, especially for people who work in an organization or company. Integrity has indeed become a very important word in the world of business and work. Unfortunately, integrity is one of the words that is often misunderstood and misused in organizations. There are three meanings of integrity that have been spread in the general public namely, (i) integrity has an honest meaning, (ii) a balanced and orderly life can be called a life of integrity, and (iii) being in integrity means to do things naturally without effort exaggerated.


KBBI integrity

It feels incomplete if we do not understand the notion of integrity based on the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI). Integrity in KBBI is a quality, character, or condition that shows a unified whole, so that it has the potential and ability to radiate authority and honesty.


When we have high self-integrity, the people around us can see it through our actions, words, decisions, methods, and the results we get. The analogy is, when we become whole and consistent individuals, then wherever and whatever conditions we are there is only one. We will never leave a part of ourselves in other conditions, because we have become a consistent person. In other words, you are always yourself all the time.


The importance of integrity

The importance of integrity is not only for everyday life, but also very necessary in the world of business and the world of work. Acting with integrity means ensuring that every decision is made based on overall ethical and moral principles . Trust, honor and honesty are key elements of the concept of integrity.


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