The increasingly high cost of living makes many people decide to look for side jobs or side jobs in order to meet their daily needs. Side jobs are also often referred to as side businesses. So, what is meant by a side job? Side jobs are other jobs that we do outside the main work that aims to channel other interests or to supplement income. There are two types of side jobs namely, online side jobs and offline side jobs.


Online Side Work

It is predicted, the 2020 side job list shows an increasing number compared to previous years. Why is that? Because technology is growing rapidly, making it easier for many people to innovate with their field of work. This is also the one that opens up opportunities for many people to work online on the side.


Do fellow readers want to find a side job without much capital? Take it easy, side business opportunities without a lot of capital can fellow readers get from online side work. Running a side job in the online world does not require us to rent a place as a business location. The internet, social media, the online world and everything in it is quite a strong platform for us to do business. Not only economical capital, but online side jobs also provide more flexible working time. For example, Saturday’s side work can be applied by office employees who want to relax at home, but still want to run a business.


Offline Side Work

One example of offline side work is a side job at home or a side business at home by opening a grocery store or what we usually call a stall. So that our main work is not interrupted, maybe we can open this grocery store from evening to night, so that after work we can immediately carry out this side job. Alternatively, we can recruit one employee or ask for help from a family member to look after our shop while we are working in the office.


Eits, the side business of opening a grocery store is not only a side business in the village, colleagues. However, there have been many city people who do side jobs like this.


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