Instagram Stories, do you know everything they offer you?

If you are one of those people who often use Instagram, you will know that one of the most viewed parts of the social network are the Stories , so today we are going to tell you everything we can do in this important part of the network social property of Facebook.

Undoubtedly, the Stories or Instagram Stories is the most used function and the one that has had the best acceptance since its arrival by users of the social network. Currently the Instagram app itself allows us to do many things to configure Stories that hook our followers. We are going to tell you what you can do in your stories, so if you did not know any option, you can use it or if you forgot it was there, because now you will remember it.

Photos, videos and effects for Stories

We can incorporate both photos and videos to Instagram Stories. In the case of photos, we can adjust them so that they come out the way we want, being able to rotate it or make it bigger or smaller. But not only can we put a single photo in the story, but there is a way to put several at the same time that you may not have known. We only have to carry out the following steps.

  • We open the social network.
  • We go to the Stories or Instagram Stories screen .
  • Once there, we touch on the Gallery option and we will see how an icon appears in the upper right part that is the one that will allow us to select several photos to add them to our Instagram story. Specifically, we will be able to mark up to a maximum of 10 photos that we can publish at the same time.

Thanks to Layout we will also be able to publish two or more photos with different montages and shapes. This is an independent app from Instagram, but for a few months it was implemented within the operation of the Stories of the social network.

  • We open Instagram and go to Stories .
  • Now we go to the left part of the screen and we will see several icons in which we must look for the one that says Design or Layout .
  • Now we will see how we have a few possibilities with various types of montages in which we can put several images at the same time, being able to be several photos taken from the gallery or taken at that precise moment.

We can also put photos or videos that we are going to take at that moment or use one of the options that we have on the right-left side of the main Stories screen.

  • Create : in this case we can put a text like Stories, with different backgrounds, fonts and sizes.
  • Boomerang : in this option we will create a mini video that will be repeated all the time.
  • Design : it is the function that we have shown you before by which we can put several photos at the same time.
  • Multicapture: we can take different photos and then publish them in one go.
  • Level : we can get some lines on the screen that will help us level the photos we take.
  • Photobooth : here we will create a stop-motion Story thanks to the capture of 4 images.
  • Superzoom : this function automatically zooms towards your face.
  • Hands-free : in this case we can record a video without having to press and hold the button for this purpose.

Once we have the photo or video

In the upper part of Stories, once we have the photo or video incorporated, we have a series of icons that we can take advantage of to put different effects and give it spectacularity.

  • The first symbol that we find is a happy face that when pressed takes us to a menu where we can give it different special effects , some of them animated.
  • Then we see a symbol with a stripe in the middle of two semicircles that indicates that we can mark the content of our Storie as commercial .
  • Then there is an icon with an arrow pointing down with which we can save our Story (before publishing it) on the phone.
  • The next icon is a kind of sticker with a smiling face where we can do very interesting things by pressing it.
    • Here we will have a lot of options such as displaying information that everyone will see such as the location , a mention of an account, a specific hashtag, an animated GIF , music , the time, a survey, a question section, a countdown, different stickers , emojis and even the current temperature where we are, among many other things.
  • The next symbol we have is a curved line that tells us that by entering here we can use our finger or a stylus to write on the screen with different types of lines and colors.
  • As a last option we see Aa, which is the area where we can write a sign to appear in our Stories, applying various types of letters and colors.

Now it only remains for each one to experiment with everything that the Instagram application offers in this section, in order to give our most personal touch to Stories.

Third party tools

We can use third-party apps to give our Instagram Stories a more professional touch, since there are multiple tools that will help us to avoid having the same as everyone else.


Canva is a popular photo editor that can use both Windows and Android or iOS . We have at our disposal a series of templates specially prepared for Instagram, but not only for Stories, but also for the rest of the parts of the Facebook application.

Canva’s numbers are overwhelming, with more than 60,000 templates (not all from Instagram) and more than a million photos at our service so that we can take advantage of to have the best possible design. We have tools such as grid, vignettes, blur effect or photo enhancer among others, being able to incorporate stickers, frames, textures and practically everything we can think of.


This application can be found for both Android and iOS and it is one of the most complete that we can find right now.

As soon as we open this application, we can create a new design from scratch, taking advantage of the number of templates that this application makes available to us. The possibilities are many to combine several photos in really beautiful designs and much more spectacular than those that we can find in the official application.

Once we have the finished design, we just have to save it and from Instagram put it in our Stories by loading it from our gallery, being able to put more effects than the many that the social network has.


Thanks to Toolkit we will be able to make very beautiful designs, since we have a good number of tools that greatly improve all the features that the official application offers us.

Within all the possibilities that it offers, we can make collage, distribute the photos in grids of up to 9 boxes, create sliding photos, add effects to the snapshots and many more possibilities.

One of those tools is Gbox, with which we will be able to insert all the photos we want into an Instagram Story, give them different sizes, different shapes and even tilting them just as we want. It is an ideal way to give a different and original touch to our Stories .

Story Art

This is another application, present in Android mobiles and also in terminals with iOS (although here it is called Artory), which helps us to make spectacular Stories thanks to all the design possibilities it offers us.

We have a lot of pre-designed proposals , which we can take advantage of to give what we publish on Instagram as spectacular as possible. It has designs that meet all the premises that we are telling you, being able to modify them to give it our own personal touch.

We have more than 2,000 collage-type templates with different colors and shapes, more than 60 themes with different colors and designs, more than 1,120 icons and stickers to incorporate into everything we design, as well as a black and white system that is really attractive, since it generates a much more striking type of photos. As if all this were not enough, we can also incorporate texts, filters, effects and professional editing tools such as resizing, zooming or cropping among many other things.

MOLDIV – Photo Editor, Collage

The last application that we present to you is MOLDIV – Photo Editor , Collage. Thanks to her we will be able to make spectacular presentations. But not only that, but also very interesting textures, filters, effects and camera options such as a very successful photo booth effect or a beauty mode in which our selfies are improved.

If we use this app we will have at our disposal more than 190 filters and a total of 13 different themes. In addition, we can incorporate texts, stickers, prints, we can give our designs a touch as if they were a magazine, a poster or an album. Then we have more traditional editing systems, but that may be necessary, such as cropping, resizing, zooming and everything necessary to retouch the images to our liking. It is an ideal application to have a true level Instagram Stories.


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