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We propose a selection of Linux commands, or rather, commands for the Linux Terminal with which you can deal with any task in Linux.

Linux has been handled like Windows or macOS for years. That is, with the mouse or trackpad by clicking on  menus, windows and icons . But one of the peculiarities of this operating system has always been the possibility of  using Linux  commands or Linux Terminal commands to overcome any problem, speed up tasks or simply do things your way.

But to use the many Linux Terminal commands you need to memorize them . If not all, yes the ones that you are going to use the most. To do this, the internet is full of  cheat sheets, tables and sheets  that summarize and compile the main Linux commands. You can have that information on hand for when you need it and learn only the main ones.

Here are five examples of  command compilations for Linux  so that you can get started with the Terminal or remember  commands learned in the past  and already forgotten. So you can deal with day-to-day tasks in Linux in a faster way.

Linux Command Cheat Sheet

In  Guru99 you will  find dozens of tutorials related to programming languages, Linux, etc. There are also tutorials on the Web, artificial intelligence, Excel, Photoshop … A bit of everything.

And, of course, collect Linux commands on the  Linux Command Cheat Sheet page . There you will find seven different categories. First, the most basic Linux Terminal commands you should  know on day one . From there,  file permissions , networks, processes and even editing with the VI app.

The list is as concise as possible. It indicates the Linux command and, next to it, a  short description . You can start from the first list and, if you need to know more, read the rest for more advanced tasks.

Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

If you are looking for compilations of commands, shortcuts or tricks,  Cheatography  offers tables to memorize them. The one dedicated to Linux,  Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet , offers a good selection in the form of keyboard shortcuts and Linux commands that covers basic tasks such as dealing with folders and files, searching for files, file permissions, managing processes …

In addition to consulting it in its online version, you can  download it in PDF format  to print it and have it in view. It also offers a black and white PDF version and another in LaTeX if you want to  edit it to your liking .

Another peculiarity of this collection of commands for the Linux Terminal and generic keyboard shortcuts is that it includes links where  certain commands are explained  in a more exhaustive way.

The ultimate Linux commands cheat sheet

The people in charge of the specialized portal  FOSS Linux  have created a list of lists. A very extensive collection of Linux commands for all levels and users. Its name is  The ultimate Linux commands cheat sheet  and it covers many fronts.

You will find commonly used Linux Terminal commands. Others to obtain Linux information, commands to deal with  file permissions , networks, file and folder management,  install packages , search for something on your computer, send files, disk usage …

The command selection for Linux is impressive. Also, they are intended to work on most versions of Linux. In total,  more than 1,000  different commands .

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet from Linux Training Academy

The specialized portal  Linux Training Academy  has the selection  Linux Commands Cheat Sheet , which collects more than 1,000 commands from the Linux Terminal. It is available online and  in PDF mode  for free download.

System information, file permissions,  package installation , SSH, file transfers, searches, disk usage… With a brief description and the command in question, this selection is very complete.

It also explains  how  Linux file permissions and other practicalities work without getting lost in theory. Brief, practical and for use every day.

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet from Linux for Devices

We finish with another practical compilation. In this practical  Linux Commands Cheat Sheet you will  find commands related to files and directories, processes, networks, package management and system administration …

Similar to the previous lists or compilations, you will see the practical command with an explanation so that you can  understand and use it  instantly. And as indicated at the beginning and end of the article, if you want to know more about each command, you can go to the  help man pages  .

Pages  man  can be requested from the terminal or consult them directly from this  official documentation  of the  Linux kernel.

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