Cheats and console commands for Valheim

All cheats and console commands to simplify Valheim gameplay

In Vaheim, users can face many difficulties, especially during boss battles. To simplify the gameplay, you can use special commands that you need to enter in the command line.

How to use cheats Valheim

  • To open the command line, just press the F5key during the game.
  • Player and server admin commands can be used without additional functionality.
  • To activate cheat codes, you first need to enter the imacheatercommand and press the Enter key .

Valheim player commands

  • help– display all available server commands;
  • info– display current system information;
  • ping– change server latency.

Valheim Server Admin Commands

  • ban‘nickname / ip / user ID’ – block the specified user using one of the parameters;
  • Banned– show a list of blocked users;
  • kick‘nickname / ip / user ID’ – kick the specified user by one of the parameters;
  • lodbias‘1-5’ – set the draw distance for the server;
  • save– save the game;
  • unban‘nickname / ip / user ID’ – unblock the specified user using one of the parameters.

Valheim cheat codes

Enter the code into a console string without single quotes:

  • god– complete invulnerability and immortality;
  • ghost– enable or disable ghost mode (in this mode, enemies will not attack the character);
  • dpsdebug– enables and disables dps debugging;
  • bear– removes the character’s beard;
  • env‘name’ – sets the debugging environment;
  • exploremap– open the entire map;
  • event‘name’ – start the event;
  • ffsmooth 1– add smooth movements to the free camera;
  • ffsmooth 0– remove smooth movements from the free camera;
  • freefly– “flight” mode, when the camera is detached from the character and you can move it in any trajectory;
  • genloc– restore generated locations;
  • goto‘x, y, z’ – move to the specified coordinates on the global map;
  • hair– remove the character’s hair;
  • heal– fully restore health;
  • killall– kill all nearby monsters and animals;
  • listkeys– display a list with all the nearest keys;
  • location– set a place for spawn;
  • model‘0-1’ – switches the character model from male to female;
  • players‘value’ – adjust the difficulty (to reset the difficulty, enter a value of 0);
  • pos– display the coordinates of the character (you will see a line with the coordinates X, Y, Z);
  • puke– reset the values ​​of satiety and return the indicators of health and stamina to the default;
  • raiseskill‘skill name’ ‘value’ – set a value for a specific skill;
  • randomevent– fire a random event;
  • removedrops– remove all objects on the ground nearby;
  • resetcharacter– reset all data of your character;
  • reserenv– reset the debug environment;
  • resetkeys‘name’ – reset the specified key;
  • resetmap– hide the entire map;
  • reserskill‘parameter name’ – reset the skill to zero;
  • resetwind– reset the angle and intensity of the wind;
  • save– save the gameplay;
  • setkey‘name’ – set a new global key;
  • skiptime‘number of seconds’ – skip time;
  • sleep– skip one game day;
  • spawn‘item name’ ‘quantity’ ‘level’ –
  • stopevent– stop the current event;
  • tame– tame all nearby creatures (only those that can be tamed);
  • tod‘0-1’ – set the time of day (0 and 1 – midnight, 0.5 – noon, -1 – reset the value);
  • wind‘angle’ ‘intensity’ – set the direction and intensity of the wind.

How to enable Valheim Creative Mode

In this mode, users can build without the necessary resources, fly and quickly deal with nearby enemies. Enter the debugmode command to enable or disable creative mode.

There are three functions you can use in creative mode:

  • B– Press this key to unlock construction without the required resources. To craft any item, you will need a hammer, workbench, or forge.
  • Z– enable flight mode. Unlike the free camera, you will move with the character (use the Space and Ctrl keys to climb and descend).
  • K– press this button to kill all nearby monsters and animals.


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