“Impossible to hack”: this is the project of the new quantum interne

The foundations for an insurmountable “virtually non-hacking” quantum internet are being formed by researchers and US officials and will be based on the principles of new quantum computing technology .

The new internet strategy was presented last Thursday – by the US Department of Energy (DOE) – through a report that justifies the project to create a quantum internet that uses quantum mechanics so that data is insurmountable to hackers, according to Science Alert .

When the new network will come true

Working together with the University of Chicago (UC), the goal is to create a prototype within ten years.

DOE and UC researchers engineered a “quantum loop” of 83km earlier this year.

What is a quantum internet

The purpose is to develop a separate and more secure quantum network. The quantum internet is a network based on the principles of sending and receiving subatomic particles or quantum entanglement , also known as quantum entanglement .

The complexity of transmitting quantum information is too great to be shuffled, even if intercepted, according to the DOE. The purpose is to create an impassable network for hackers.

Who will use the impenetrable quantum network?

Initially network could be used to:

  • national security matters,
  • communication between aircraft,
  • by the banking sector and
  • health services.

In the future, the quantum network could be implemented in cell phones for wider world use.

The 17 DOE laboratories across the USA will be considered the backbone (the backbone) of the new quantum network.

How a quantum internet works

“The foundation of quantum networks is based on our ability to synthesize and precisely manipulate matter on the atomic scale, including the control of individual photons.


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