Importance of Trees for the Environment and Humanity

Why Plant a Tree?

All humanity has to take action in the face of environmental problems and in those who play a more important part in global warming, such as environmental pollution, since this problem generates other problems of impact on air, water, soil, plants And animals. That is why it is fundamental today more than ever for man to develop and promote strategies to try to minimize the ecological crisis that puts the very life and stability of the planet at risk.

In that sense, trees are a solution to combat environmental problems and achieve an ecological balance of the planet. These fight against many environmental problems such as global warming, erosion, desertification, fossil fuels, air pollution, deforestation, forest fires, among many others that are ending the quality and oxygen of the earth.

Therefore, in the face of deforestation, felling of trees and environmental pollution, the planet urgently needs trees that allow oxygen to be obtained and maintain an environmental quality for the survival of all the species that inhabit this world. Trees are the lungs of the planet absorbing greenhouse gases and become ecosystems for biological diversity.

  Therefore, a tree is a plant approximately 6m tall and which are formed by the root, trunk, leaves, branches and the crown. Among its main functions are: reduction of air and sound pollution, water and thermal regulation, climate regulation, animal and plant habitats, among other natural balance functions.

Likewise, trees are sources of life and that is where man using his farm to feed, dress, have fuel, build houses, paper, furniture and other material goods for development in society, is leaving the planet without these lungs that greatly reduce other environmental impact problems in nature.

Thus, all humanity must plant trees because it is the best strategy and technique to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and thus fight against climate change. Only these can produce with only one the amount of oxygen for 20 people. It is worth mentioning among the main benefits of trees are: they produce oxygen, a tree stores 6 tons of CO2, purify the air, form fertile soils, prevent erosion, keep rivers clean, capture water for aquifers, serve as shelters for flora and fauna, regulate the climate, relax, reduce natural disasters, regenerate soil nutrients, beautify urban spaces, improve the landscape, among other environmental services for man.

For all the above, if humanity knows the multiple benefits that trees generate on the planet, perhaps it would stop its destruction and promote its conservation for future generations. If every person in the world promised to plant a tree, much of the environmental problems would be reduced. But without a doubt, trees are very important for the environment and society in general.

In short, plant a tree right now and help reforest the environment that needs it so much to ensure the existence of all the variety of life on planet earth. All trees deserve to be cared for, respected and valued because they are vital in the dynamics of nature and their relationship with living beings to jointly form an ecologically balanced world.

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