Importance of the Tree of Life

In the different mythologies created by the human being we find diverse and very interesting elements that serve to explain all those things that escape our concrete and daily reality. In this way, one of the most important phenomena is that of the tree of life, the one that is present in almost all human civilizations.

A concept that is inherent to the human being and his existence

It has always been essential for man to know the origin of his existence, both in collective and individual terms. So he has developed from an early age the notion of the tree of life, an element that metaphorically unites an individual with his ancestors.

If we imagine the shape of a tree we will see that there is a trunk and branches that make the tree grow infinitely. The trunk would come to represent the elements in common that the different subjects of a group may have, while the branches are the different families that may have developed over time.

The notion of ancestors in religions

As stated, all religions do some kind of analysis or understanding of the concept of human existence, for which they need to go back in time and connect a people with ancestors who may be largely majestic.

Each religion , such as the Christian, the Jewish, the Islamic, the Buddhist, the Hinduism or even the ancient Egyptian, Celtic and other Eastern religions has made its own analysis of this concept and most of us can find a syncretism that leads us to seeing the tree of life as the union of both the earthly world and the heavenly world, the one to which all religions believe that our soul will go when our body dies.

The tree of life as a construction of our own identity

All this being said, beyond the interpretations that each religion makes on the concept of the tree of life, it can also be taken by each individual as a method to build their identity . This is so because each one of us wants to know where he came from and who was before, for which it is essential to be clear about the path traveled by his ancestors, his ancestors or his closest relatives.

It is especially valuable when we talk about people who for some extraordinary reason have lost contact with their relatives, who have had to leave everything behind or were born into a family that was not their own.


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