Importance of Art

Perhaps defining art is one of the biggest challenges for amateurs and professionals. The rigid and formal concept of dictionaries recognizes it as the manifestation of human activity through which a personal and disinterested vision is expressed that interprets the real or imagined with plastic, linguistic or sound resources.

However, this academic phrase is not enough to express the real importance of art in human activity throughout history . In ancient times, the essayist León Tolstoi did not hesitate to point out that art is actually everything produced by human beings that is not linked to their own physiology . Undoubtedly, this way of referring to art allows us to recognize its reciprocal influence with all the rest of man’s actions.

Indeed, plastic resources have been part of human life since the earliest times, as observed in the cave paintings that illustrated the daily events of our first ancestors. In the same way, it is enough to notice in the cave sculptures how art acted as a means of great importance to spread ideas and canons of beauty.

Likewise, architecture has been another tool to demonstrate the importance of art, since the times of the first civilizations (Sumer, Egypt, Mayan, China) and, fundamentally, in the time of the great cathedrals of the Middle and Modern Ages in Europe. .

Emphasis is placed on the participation of art in history through the literature , both in its original format of oral tradition and the great works written by all cultures. The same consideration applies to music , a vehicle of civilization throughout the five continents.

In any case, the mention in which the importance of art is most emphasized consists of the theater . This art form deserves a differential comment, since for many experts theater is a proportional summation of literature, music and plastic art, in variable proportions, which really allows us to fulfill that initial concept of “personal interpretation of the real or imagined ”With which the dictionary tries in vain to conceive art.

Thus, the importance of art is mentioned in every human action on Earth from its ancient origins to the smallest detail of daily life.


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