Importance of Attention

There is a great difference between looking and observing carefully just as there is a difference between hearing and listening.

The attention shows the ability of human beings to be fixed carefully in an area where concrete reality to hold information of value in its memory. Attention shows the active attitude of those who put interest and focus on what they are doing.

For example, attention is very important at the academic level or in the workplace because only when the person is attentive is he able to carry out detailed management because he has understood exactly what he has to do. To be attentive to specific information it is important to have a receptive attitude and have time to observe. Haste and paying attention are incompatible.

In the technology age, it should be noted that care is also diversifying to the point that many people have scattered care. For example, there are people who write on the computer while watching television, other people run an errand while talking on the phone, many students check social networks when they are studying, there are even workers who connect to social networks during office hours.

Attention is also increasingly dispersed due to the comfort that many people feel when searching for information about a specific data through Google, the search engine that offers information at the click of a button quickly.

However, really paying attention in a conversation, in a daily matter or at work is a much deeper area that involves connecting with the now and eliminating distractions in the environment. For example, a student who wants to really pay attention to their studies can study in the library, an environment of silence and where the risk of interruptions is minimized.

Paying attention to something or someone is an expression of love that shows interest. Conversely, inattention is a sign of disinterest. The attention is especially important in communication interpersonal because it facilitates mutual understanding and dialogue.

Being attentive to what a friend tells you means giving importance to his world. The attention helps you live more consciously, to know better what you want to observing reality carefully over time. The observation is one of the forms of knowledge more important.


by Abdullah Sam
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