Importance of Sustainable Development

We understand sustainable development as a process of growth of Humanity with an eye toward caring for and protecting the environment . The notion of sustainable development is very recent: it emerged at the end of the 20th century as the result of international projects and exhibitions that analyzed the wear and abuse that human beings have with their economic growth, technological and social has generated over time on the environment. Thus, this novel concept arises which means being able to maintain levels of growth and development that benefit the different regions of the globe but that do not imply continuing with this environmental abuse but, on the contrary, are based on the use of renewable energy, in recycling of materials that can be reusable, etc.

The importance of sustainable development lies in a fact not less: the assumption that Humanity does not have to resign its current quality of life or modernity to care for and maintain the environment. Thus, sustainable development is dazzling and practical, since it not only represents ideas for protecting nature and everything that surrounds us, but also a way of carrying out these conscious and responsible practices for the benefit of humanity as well.

Sustainable development tells us that human beings are capable enough to create new methods of subsistence that are not based on damage to the environment but do not imply backwardness either. Thus, for the defenders of this type of theory, it is important (and also urgent) to resort to new energies that are based on the use of renewable and non-exhaustible resources such as oil, to new forms of commerce and consumption that do not focus on the notion of disposable and transgenic products but in the presence of organic, healthy products that do not transform the environment.

In addition, sustainable development also involves the use of resources such as trees but always ensuring that everything that is used must be replaced so as not to cause damage to the environment in which we live. Lastly, it also seeks to limit recourse to a trade in products that involves extensive transport, since this is considered to cause great damage to the environment due to the constant use of oil. Thus, an attempt is made to stimulate the trade of local products in each region that also contributes to the development of the native communities of each particular space.


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