Importance of Human Development

Human development should be the main engine of all the activities carried out by a society. It implies the possibility of having health, housing and a decent education . The most developed countries are those that have placed special emphasis on this circumstance, generating rules of the game that mean the integration of all the inhabitants. This fact is especially manifested in the economic aspect, explaining some of the good results in productivity that these countries have. In contrast, a society that leaves human development in the background, that focuses solely on profitability, is a society that is highly limited.

Of course, not only society and its institutions are responsible for achieving a high degree of human development . Our responsibility regarding our life should put this concept among the first goals to consider. It is worth asking exactly what this development consists of. In succinct terms, it consists of developing from the intellectual, physical and psychological point of view to add more and more value to one’s life and to society. In human developmenta synergy is formed where everyone benefits from an individual’s improvements. Education in this sense must be placed as a fundamental value, education that must not be relegated to the formal sphere, but rather to any integration of knowledge that implies the generation of benefits understood in a broad sense.

To give an example of the relevance of human development , one must look at the experience of the two world wars that devastated Europe. They implied an unprecedented destruction of capital, as well as the loss of countless people, both in the combat field and in concentration camps. However, the affected countries were able to stand up again in a few decades, rebuilding their economies and generating a viable society from all points of view. These circumstances can only be carried out thanks to the undeniable human development achieved that existed in the individuals who faced this reconstruction. The cities were destroyed but the ingenuity within the survivors was not.

Today, human development ceased to be a postulate of idealists. Indeed, its importance can be seen in the development of concepts such as that of human capital, a concept that reworked the concept of the productive factor of work, associating it with the training and development of skills in workers. As we can see, the fact of treating the quality of work considering its aptitudes (of all kinds) can give us a notion about the relevance of putting human development at the center of any policy towards the population.


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