Importance of Deontology

Deontology is a subsidiary discipline of ethics that focuses on the moral obligations that people have considering their usefulness as a pattern of evaluation . Thus, from this perspective , what is correct and must be put into practice coincides with what benefits the greatest number of people. The importance of this approach with regard to morality is its association with different professional activities, meaning that it is very common to appeal to these principles for the development of an ethic regarding different work performances.

As is known, ethics is an orientation of philosophy that has a long history, going back to ancient times. Indeed, the ancient Greeks have already made famous treatises that still have much to teach us. For example, we can refer to the “Nicomachean Ethics”, the work of Aristotle of great importance whose influence reached the Middle Ages and from it to us. Now then, these works that focus on man from a moral perspective tend to leave context aside on many occasions. In this sense, deontology can be understood as a treatment of the same subjects specifically oriented to more concrete circumstances, in particular, those that are related to the professional world.

Despite the fact that ethics has always been an aspect to be considered by man, it is also true that it has always been a controversial and debatable scenario. Indeed, man wants above all to do what is involved in what is good, what benefits himself and others, but sometimes this question can be difficult to develop. The ethics seeks in this sense provide a perspective that is based on the character useful perspective in every field of human activity should be properly developed.

The ethics has meant a field of development of various protocols in regard to professional activities have an ethical problem involving assessment should be succinct to a particular context. This is how ways of proceeding are developed based on an analysis of the maximum utility that can be obtained with a certain procedure. This is how we see that this theoretical field has become entrenched in trying to address specific problems from philosophical conceptions that transcend them, conceptions that in some cases are enormously old.


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