Importance of the study of law

It is not possible to play soccer without knowing the rules of this sport. In the same way, it is not possible to understand the complexity of a society if we do not have some basic ideas about what law is.

10 reasons to study law

– It is a discipline with a wide range of professional opportunities, both in the private and public sectors.

– Most people need the services of a lawyer at some point in their lives.

– The law is related to the majority of conflicts that affect humanity as a whole: migratory movements, national and international interests, social demands, etc.

– The advances in science and technology have legal implications.

– We all have a sense of justice and criteria to distinguish good and evil, but the lawyer knows how these ideals conform to the reality of the laws in force.

– It provides a vast culture and provides a global vision of daily reality.

– It is difficult to find a plot that has nothing to do with legality.

– A person who has studied law can better defend his interests.

– Unlike some professional activities, law is a profession that cannot be performed by any robot.

– Legal training provides a fundamental skill in any area of ​​life: the rhetorical ability to defend any idea or opinion.

An area for each type of person

If you think the world of work is full of injustices, become a labor lawyer. If you are outraged by armed conflict and want to minimize its effects, you can specialize in international humanitarian law. If you have a high sense of justice, prepare some oppositions for a judge.

If you consider that all people have the right to be defended, take a law degree and sign up for your trade. If you are interested in understanding the legal framework on the planet as a whole, comparative law is a good option.

The professional who solves conflicts

In every society there are disputes and discrepancies. Some claim to resolve conflicts in their own way, but this path may be against legality. Others solve problems by resorting to dialogue, but this route does not always work. When a satisfactory formula that is valid for both parties is not found in a conflict of interest, a legal professional should be used.

From the cradle to the grave

In the legal framework it is established that at the moment of birth we acquire a series of inalienable rights. Throughout life we ​​will have to deal with the laws in one way or another, whether to appeal a fine, to get divorced or to report the abuses of a labor exploiter. Before the last and final trip we will have to make a will, logically with the advice of a lawyer.

The importance of the Study of Law lies in its defense, having in each and every one of the Judicial Processes the motivation to be able to resolve a Conflict between Parties (in the case that Civil Law or derivatives are applied ) while on the other On the other hand, Social Security is sought , when those Public Order Crimes (related to Criminal Law ) are in violation

Thus, in all the parties involved, what is sought is that justice can be imparted and that the sanctions or conclusions of the conflict are not unfair or harmful to the parties, for which the training of interpreters of the law who know how to apply is necessary. and understand what has been expressed in the spirit of the law .

In addition, each of these judicial processes requires different actors that revolve around the different branches of law , so the participation of those specialized professionals is inherent in the prompt and effective resolution of the conflict, requiring the hiring of one or more legal advisers who prevent the correct interpretation of the law or regulation from being applied .


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