Importance of the Study

We talk about the importance of study as one of the most characteristic elements of today’s society . According to the advances and social transformations of the last two centuries, the study, or the possibility of improving and receiving knowledge in a systematic way, no longer appears as a privilege of a few, but is nowadays a common element for all classes and social groups. However, the complexity of our society does not ensure that all the members who are part of it can access the study, but rather that many, for reasons of necessity, possibility or strength, cannot immediately contemplate the results of intellectual improvement and then dedicate your time to covering more urgent needs.

It is undoubtedly essential to make clear that study acts today as a method of social selection. This is so since those who can access some type of education (be it primary, secondary, tertiary or university, as well as informal) are those who can later find greater possibilities of growth throughout their professional lives, what which in turn allows for a more stable, safe and comfortable lifestyle. Those people who for reasons of strength or having to cover other more urgent needs (for example, working to earn a living) remain inserted in a kind of vicious circle that does not allow them to grow and that leads them to be marginalized in a society in the one that knowledge of knowledge is important.

Today’s societies offer endless possibilities for study to its members. However, the central study system is one that is systematized and hierarchical, that is taught in official institutions such as schools, colleges, institutes or universities and that follows a previously thought and established linearity. The current study system is based on obtaining results in accordance with the requirements that allow the individual to advance and obtain various diplomas or certificates that will later serve him in his professional life.


by Abdullah Sam
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