Importance of Ethics

From small we are constantly receiving all kinds of stimuli that seek to develop our Cognitive Faculties in a favorable way, from the use of Didactic Games to the realization of Recreational Activities that leave us a teaching, receiving awards and approvals in case of doing this well. task, while on the other hand we will be Punished or Reprimanded if we do not do things well.

It is at this moment that we begin to distinguish Good and Evil , having on the one hand that which points towards the care and well-being of oneself and others, while in contrast we are doing damage or prejudice to others such as our life, this being always chosen and being aware of our Responsibilities and Obligations in each of the acts that we carry out.

One of the branches of Philosophy that is responsible for analyzing and reflecting on these issues is Ethics , which has as its objects of study Human Acts, around the Obligations and Duties of everyday life, the search for Happiness own and foreign, as well as the different Moral Values that are instilled since childhood and that can be suggested by the Tradition and Culture of a given environment, but always aiming at Own and General Well-being .

Although they are often used as synonyms, it is not the same as Morality , the latter being the establishment of a Custom or Subjectivities proper to a culture, the subject or a value that is part of a certain culture, which is justly analyzed in a Rational way. and Deductive for Ethics , making a value judgment about its content as well as the establishment of a Moral System within a specific society .


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