Importance of Professional Ethics

Each professional activity or trade requires those who deploy them to fulfill a series of duties and obligations , especially in those cases where the lives of others are at stake, or their emotional stability.

A qualified, responsible and professional who works accompanied by a series of firm roots

These obligations and duties make up the deontological code that will govern the moral of each professional and will assign responsibility for this task.

Professional activities, such as that of doctors, who have the enormous commitment to cure the diseases of their patients, demand compliance with certain principles that are involved in the development of the activity, in this case the popular Hippocratic oath , the that urges them to fulfill this objective above any other consideration or circumstance.

Now, both the ethics of a doctor and that of any other professional must start from the principle that one cannot act ignoring moral values, because not everything goes.

Each work environment must take care of establishing these general maxims, which have the exclusive mission of reminding the professional what is correct or not to do in the development of their professional task, making them responsible for the actions they take during the technical procedures that they apply.

A serious professional offense and a slight to the profession and colleagues

It is important to mention that not complying with the code of ethics proposed by the profession is a very serious fault, in addition to being considered an absolute disregard for the peers who are the ones who come together to agree on such regulations.

Unfortunately, there are countless cases of professionals who, despite having subscribed to their professional code, are unaware of it in order to obtain economic benefits, for example, and end up severely damaging the well-being of a person or group.

In these cases, in which the code is contravened, it is of utmost importance that the profession’s collective punish those who do it and in this way establish an exemplary antecedent that marks the correct path for those who follow.

The effective guide to ethics enhances personal and professional performance

The ethics applied to the professional occupation will always make it benefit, since this will guarantee that it develops according to what is stipulated, both in practical terms and in what is morally accepted and endorsed, maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks.

And we cannot ignore that when a professional performs according to the ethical principles of his activity, it will end up having a positive impact on the personal, because that individual will feel happiness as a result of knowing that he has acted accordingly and was expected of him.


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