Importance of the Scale of Values

The main characteristic that we human beings have regarding the world around us is the ability to abstract or isolate ourselves , making full use of our mental faculties and differentiating ourselves from animals that are only guided by the instinct , promoting different responses to the stimuli that the environment generates them, and seeking to satisfy Primitive Needs that revolve around Food , Relationship and Reproduction within their life cycle.

In this way, we can make use of our Intelligence and Reasoning to discover new worlds, find realities within others, and above all, develop a Research Method that can be applied for experimentation and knowledge of the world, establishing factual sciences that are proven empirically, while on the other hand we have the use of sciences such as Ethics and Morals that simply aim to analyze issues related to Humanity .

In this way, the different Scales of Values come into play , comprising one of the branches of Axiology , in which, as its name is indicating, it consists in the application of various Classification Criteria on a particular event, or either applying to a topic in general, making use of different Value Judgments .

To this is added the establishment of different Human Virtues that have as a fundamental premise the tendency towards Well-being , both their own and that of others or belonging to a community, based on Volitional Acts as those that tend towards the common good and public order .

It is then inherent to these questions the possession of Respect for the neighbor as well as for oneself, exalting those who have Humility in all the actions they carry out in daily life, as well as Pity for those who are on the wrong path, offering themselves support and the help they need.


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